A Hot Tub is Better Than Your Sofa

We are knee deep in football season, and we have one question for you: “What’s your favorite game-watching spot?”

For most people, the answer is the couch (or sofa). It’s long been the traditional gathering place for people to cheer on their favorite team while hanging out with their friends and family.

This year, we encourage you to try something different, and to help you, we’re going to discuss how a hot tub is better than your sofa. After all, we think the hot tub is a pretty great place to watch at least part of the game.

It’s Nice Outside

When you get a large group together, add some food and refreshments, it can get pretty crowded really fast.

It’s always nice to step outside and get some fresh air. Make it worth your while and put a television outside next to your hot tub so you can watch the game while enjoying the outdoors in your hot tub.

You’ll stay warm inside the comfort of your hot tub. As an added bonus, you’ll be closer to the grill so you can get your food faster.

You Add an Extra Room

If your living room is extra crowded on game day, give your guests somewhere else to go. By having a television outside near the hot tub, you careate an extra room for football viewing.

3 Tips For First-Time Hot Tub Owners

A Massage at the Same Time

If you are rooting strongly for one time, the game can get stressful.

Watching in the hot tub can alleviate your stress because of the buoyancy of the water and the massaging jets in the hot tub.

Final Thoughts

So, have we proven that a hot tub is better than a couch? Your hot tub is a great complement to your sofa, and we think it’s a pretty great place to watch the football games (or any of your other favorite sports).

Don’t have a hot tub? At Townley Pool and Spa, we want all of our customers to say, “Ahh, Townley.” Soaking in a new hot tub is great for you mentally and physically. Stop by today or contact us below to get more information.

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