Introducing LIT Handlers

Introducing Lit Handlers

We’re so excited to bring you LIT Handlers, these exciting new items fresh off Shark Tank! They make great gifts and stocking stuffers this holiday season! Learn more about this Texas business created by Destiny Padgett and see the Shark Tank episode. Then come see us and pick up some LIT Handlers for the holidays.


Introducing Lit Handlers

12 oz Can LIT Handlers™

Get a handle on your 12-ounce stubby cans with these Regular Can Handlers™.

They have an easy-to-grip handle built right into the sleeve to help redistribute the weight. There is also an awesome pocket inside the reinforced handle to help keep your small essentials at bay. These LIT Handlers™ help keep your drink cold, and your hands dry, and you won’t have to ask someone to “hold your beer” again!

12 oz Slim Can LIT Handlers™

No more saying “Hold my Beer” with this awesome LIT Handlers™!  With a pocket built into the handle, you now have the perfect spot to hold onto that lip balm or cash. So grab a handle on that slim drink with one of these Patent Pending Slim Handlers™!

Meet Destiny Padgett

The following is an excerpt from the Lit Handlers website:

Destiny Padgett

Destiny Padgett here, a self-taught entrepreneur, beauty school dropout, and founder of Lit Handlers.

She began her journey as an entrepreneur during the hardest year of her life. At 10 weeks pregnant, she lost her daughter’s biological dad to suicide. That experience changed the course of her life as she learned the importance of mental health and turned to entrepreneurship with the drive to take care of her family.

She started her first baby boutique in 2010, learning the ropes of business bit by bit, selling at trade shows and flea markets, alongside doing lash extensions and permanent cosmetics.

In 2013, her parents gave her a Silhouette machine for Christmas, which ultimately changed the course of her business. She no longer wanted to sell the things that anyone could get and everyone already had, so she started an Etsy store. Destiny was creating designs that said “born & raised” in the shape of all of the US states. She was loving it until, one day, she just wanted free shipping on her vinyl order (she was maybe $3.00 shy) and added a few blank can coolers to her cart to try.

After messing around with the can coolers and figuring out the right heat press settings, she got it down and began doing deals on with monogrammed can coolers. At the same time, she realized that SOO many people wanted blank can coolers, so she created a website and sold blank can coolers in five packs, 25 packs, and 100 packs. The number of orders from the website kept her so busy she stopped messing with vinyl completely and changed her name from “Born & Raised” shirts to “Blank Can Coolers.” This is when the “Lit Handlers” of today began to take place.

After 10 messages a day asking about pattern can coolers instead of just solid colors, she finally started listening and brought in her first pattern ones. She loved the pattern ones. They were so fun and different. She thought, “These aren’t blank anymore, these are LIT.” So she once again changed her name from “Blank Can Coolers” to “Lit Can Coolers,” thinking this would be the last time. NOPE. A year later, she learned that she was denied the “Lit Can Coolers” trademark because of another company and had to change the name. She felt defeated for a minute but just kept thinking about this idea she had to put a handle on it and change the name.

LIT Handlers are Official

So late 2017, and early 2018, she rebranded for the last time. She hand-sewed her first few samples to give her attorney for the patents and to give to her manufacturer so they could see how to do it. People told her that it was a silly idea and 100% aesthetic and had no real purpose, but she is glad she didn’t listen to them. She tears up a little every time she receives an email telling her how the handle has helped with their ability to actually hold their drink due to a neurodegenerative disorder.

At heart, her company wants to provide stand-out Handlers with cool designs that fit just about any type of beverage for just about any occasion. She is so incredibly grateful for the support that she receives. She has given back to her community through sponsorships such as fishing teams, kids’ basketball, softball, and baseball teams, college cheer teams, and children’s cancer research.

At Townley Pool and Spa, we’re proud to support Destiny and bring you her ultra-cool LIT Handlers!