Endless Pools® Fitness Systems

You may have heard others call an Endless Pool a “swim spa,” but we know a fitness system is so much more! In this article, we discuss, “Is it a swim spa or fitness system?”

Endless Pools Ingenuity

Endless Pools Fitness Systems are smart, and that’s why the name “swim spa” doesn’t define it just right. After all, you probably wouldn’t be comfortable swimming laps in a 102 degree pool, would you? Likewise, soaking in a spa at a very modest 85 degrees isn’t quite warm enough.

The Fitness System

As you can see, this isn’t a “swim spa,” it’s a Fitness System with swim and low-impact exercise features designed to complement one another, so that you can easily achieve your fitness goals.

The Swim Machine

The Swim Machine allows you a superior swim-in-place experience. Endless Pools uses a custom-made, hydraulically powered propulsion system that creates a laminar current of up to 5,000 gallons per minute (GPM) that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. Multiple conditioning grills smooth and redirect the water, resulting in a swim current that is free of turbulence. Even at full power, it feels like swimming in open water!

The all-new Endless Pools Fitness Systems combine the revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Machine with the following optional items:

  • Underwater treadmill
  • Rowing
  • Strength-training exercises
  • Hydrotherapy

The Endless Pools Fitness System is a fully functional home wellness system that is convenient to use and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your backyard.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your wellness goals today.

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