How to Know If You Need a New Pool Cover


Wondering if your swimming pool cover will make it through this winter so you have a clear and clean pool come spring? In this article, we look at how to know if you need a pool cover.

Signs You Need a New Cover

Good quality pool covers like the ones we sell from Anchor should last about 10-12 years. If  you’re pushing the limits on that, or if you have a cover from another manufacturer, here are a few signs to look for that indicate you need a new cover.

  • Your cover is peeling, or you see weak spots. It’s a good idea to carefully look over your cover. Is it peeling or flaking? Are there areas where it looks thin? The sun’s ultraviolet rays and the daily use of pool chemicals can degrade your cover over time. So, if your cover is peeling now, it will most likely weaken over the winter, letting in debris, water, and contaminates. And, if it’s a safety cover, it will lose its safety factor.
  • Your cover is brittle. The pool cover shouldn’t be brittle. It should feel soft. If it feels brittle, it might crack or tear over the winter.
  • Your cover has loose threads or bunched up webbing. Run your hands over your pool cover and see if you noticed any loose or cut threads. If your threads are disintegrating, you might end up with holes and utter cover failure. You want the stitching and webbing on your cover to feel solid to hold up over the winter.

Now let’s look at our favorite pool covers.

We Like Anchor Defender® Safety Mesh Pool Covers

Wondering what cover we put on our own pools, and which ones our customers order most often? It’s the Defender Safety Mesh.

Defender Mesh Safety Pool Covers are made from a heavy tight-weave poly fabric that blocks up to 98% of sunlight. By blocking nearly all UV rays, the patented fabric inhibits algae growth and minimizes debris getting into your water. This leaves you with a very clean pool when you open it in the spring. Because of the tight-weave, chemical loss is reduced from pool water.

defender mesh

Why Does Anchor Sew Webbing on the BOTTOM of Mesh Covers?

Anchor is the only major manufacturer of safety pool covers to sew webbing on the bottom of mesh covers. This extra detail provides superior, supportive strength and a flat, smooth, aesthetically pure surface to help keep debris from collecting on the cover in winter.

Defender Mesh Safety Pool Cover Features & Benefits:

  • 98% light blockage to control algae growth and keep water clear
  • Cross webs sewn underneath to prevent debris from collecting on cover’s surface
  • Stronger than standard mesh
  • D-rings for simple maintenance and installation
  • Easily folds for minimal storage space
  • Includes brass anchors and stainless steel springs
  • Limited 12-year warranty
  • Standard 1′-6″ overlap
  • Included Standard Hardware: Brass Anchors, Stainless Steel Springs, Spring Tool, Spring Skids, Storage Bag

How to Measure for Your New Pool Cover

How Much Do Covers Cost?

We carry high quality Anchor Mesh and Solid covers starting at $3,000. Our Anchor covers can last for 10-12 years, and they are solid covers! Stop by today to order them!