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At Townley Pool and Spa, we are committed to providing you with quality service on your Little Rock swimming pool and hot tub. Check out our wide range of services for your swimming pool and hot tub.

Weekly Pool Service

Your season-long pool enjoyment is important to us. Let Townley help keep your pool sparkling clear this summer! Contact us to get started!

Monthly Spa Service

We want to make enjoying your spa as easy and carefree as possible. Let us conduct a monthly visit to keep your investment running and operating at it’s peak performance. Contact us to get started!

Repair Service

Townley Pool and Spa maintains a certified team of skilled pool service technicians in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our pool service technicians have been factory-trained to handle your most intricate repairs.

  • We install and conduct warranty work for Hayward, Pentair, Zodiac and Raypak.
  • Townley can accomplish most any pool and spa related repair tasks.
  • Is your pump needing replacement or is it just the motor that needs to be replaced?
  • Do you need a sand change?
  • Is it time for a water heater for your cool pool?
  • Pool light not working?

Let Townley troubleshoot, estimate the cost of repair and then allow one of our A-1 pool service technicians to perform the professional difference of a Townley Pool and Spa service call.

Pool Opening and Closing

Don’t want to mess with opening and closing your pool? Let us help! Contact us today for more info.

Salt Water Conversion

Making the decision to switch from a “standard” chlorine pool to one that is sanitized with a salt water system has several factors.

  1. You are not getting away from a chlorine pool. The salt system uses an electronic process to ionize the salt water and produce chlorine.
  2. The equipment added to the plumbing system can be costly and needs to be taken care of carefully.
  3. All other water balance still needs to be controlled. Salt is only a replacement for chlorine shock and tablets.
  4. Total Alkalinity, pH, Cyanuric Acid, and Calcium Hardness still need to be adjusted.
  5. Scale and stain preventers need to be added to the water to protect the pool and the salt water equipment. Certain water characteristics can cause premature failure of the salt cell components. As for the salt, ensure you add only pool grade salt to the water and monitor all chemical levels.

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