Sanitizing is the most important step to pool care! Here’s a brief description of the role sanitizers play in protecting swimmers in your pool, plus the things that impact its effectiveness. Let’s look a the importance of pool sanitizers. Read more

Jessica is back to talk about how to care for your swimming pool when you’re on vacation.

Watch to learn some of her suggestions for taking care of your pool while you’re gone. And don’t forget – give us a call and set up your pool care! We can stop by and take care of your pool while you’re gone, too!

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While we love rain because it helps our lawn and often cools the temperature, massive rains can reek havoc on a swimming pool. In this article we look at maintaining your pool’s water level. Read more

This is the Townley Pool and Spa proven method for getting rid of mustard algae in your swimming pool. Most people think it is dirt, dust, sand, or pollen at the bottom, but in fact, it is mustard algae. Follow this “laser guided” path on how to treat mustard algae for a crystal clear pool!

Looking for the products we used? Check them out below:

Pool hack alert! David is back this week to talk about keeping your pool warm during the spring and fall so you can enjoy it longer! Read more

Great news! The best chlorine tablet in the world just arrived! Take advantage of our sale to stock up for the season. This is especially beneficial for you this year because we have seen a manufacturer’s price increase. See you soon!

Bioguard SilkGuard Complete Chlorine Tablets are in the house!

If there is below freezing weather in the forecast AND you lose power, here are some quick tips for an “emergency” drain of your pool equipment. This is for non-flooded systems only; meaning your pool equipment is either level or above level ground with your pool. Read more

Leaving your pool open during the winter is perfectly acceptable in many climates including ours here in Little Rock, Arkansas. In fact, a winter pool can be beautiful in your backyard.

If you are still running your pool during the colder months, you need to keep up some basic maintenance. Read more

David is back with a video on mustard algae. Before you close your pool, you want to know what to look for when it comes to algae so you can treat it! Read more

Looking for some pool closing tips? Watch as Dallas introduces you to one of our favorite products, the Gizzmo, and shows you how to use it.

Here is a tool that makes closing your pool easier and better protected from freeze damage.

Deluxe Pool Skimmer Gizzmo

The simple, easy-to-install Deluxe Pool Skimmer Gizzmo protects your pool skimmer in your inground pool from freezing during the winter!

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your skimmer won’t crack or get damaged due from ice during the long winter months.

As Dallas says, “Plug it, stuff it, forget about it!”

Pool Skimmer Gizzmo Features:

  • Prevents skimmers from damage due to freezing
  • Screws into place in 1-1/2 to 2-in. skimmer inlets
  • Compatible with in-ground pool skimmers
  • Compensates for freezing water to prevent damage
  • Saves you money and time on winterization
  • Eliminates costly repairs due to cracks and damage from freezing water

Built for 1-1/2 to 2-inch skimmer inlets, this guard is an economical investment that saves you time, money, and worry.