It’s fall, and that means the leaves are falling. That means you want to get them out of the pool in the proper way.

In this video, our president, David Townley, tells just how to do leaf removal right. Read more

It’s getting closer to fall, and that means things are FALLING from the sky. Leaves and other debris are hitting the pool pretty hard, so it’s time to make sure your “first line of defense” is in good working order. Check your skimmer/pump basket(s).

David is here again to talk to you about protecting your first line of defense in keeping leaves and debris out of the pool. Check out his fall tips for your pool when it comes to the pool skimmer basket. Read more

Watch as David explains how you can keep your pool cool…with a pool fountain!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep your pool cool, come see us today! We can help you find just what you need!

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When you’re away from your own pool this summer, check the water before jumping in! David tells you how in this video! Read more

Jessica Townley shows you how to use her favorite waterline cleaner for your pool. Off the Wall is great for removing scale and build up, and it’s chemically neutral so it won’t affect your other balance levels. Read more

It’s time to enhance your pool by helping your chlorine. Read more

Do you have a Polaris pressure pool cleaner? Check out this video as our president, David Townley, David shows you a simple upgrade!

Polaris Tailsweep Pro®

The Polaris TailSweep Pro delivers 50% more flow for ultimate sweeping action, while also eliminating the sweep hose from spraying outside the pool. This means no more wet windows.

The Polaris TailSweep is a simple retrofit accessory that prevents your Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner’s sweep hose from spraying water out of the pool and splashing windows, walkways, and beautiful landscaping.

This innovative accessory also delivers 50% more flow through its jet pump propulsion to improve sweeping.



  • Works on any Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner, including the 3900 Sport, 380, 360, 280, and 180 (comes standard on the new and improved 3900 Sport)
  • Simply snap the TailSweep Pro onto the end of the Sweep Hose
  • No tools required. Takes less than a minute to install


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Did you know that under dosing your chlorine in your swimming pool to make it last longer actually ends up causing you to need MORE chlorine?

It may be tempting to under dose your chlorine due to the shortage. The key to chlorine efficiency is to maintain a 1-4 ppm residual at all times and shock your pool more often. Check out this video from BioGuard for more details.

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Not only do you want to vacuum your pool thoroughly after it rains, but it’s something you want to do every week or two during the summer. Wondering how to do it right? David shows you how to vacuum your swimming pool the right way in this video.

David’s here again with a new how-to video on how to clean your swimming pool’s salt cell! Great tips for those of you who have salt water pools.