There is still time to bring us a water sample so we can test your water and ensure a safe and healthy water experience in your pool or hot tub!

Here’s Your July Fourth Plan


We proudly carry BioGuard pool chemicals for the health and clarity of your pool!

Our president, David Townley, covers the full spectrum of how to clean your hot tub from beginning to end in this new video. See his and Jessica’s sparkling spa once he’s done!

See the entire process from purging the lines, draining, and cleaning of the hot tub. Its always amazing to see nice clear and clean water at the end of the process!

The Process for Cleaning Your Hot Tub

David and Jessica are getting ready to use their hot tub, but snow and ice blankets the hot tub cover. Hear his advice on what to do next.

Snow or Ice on Your Hot Tub Cover?

If your weather is really cold (below freezing), and you lose power, what do you need to do to protect your Hot Spring Spa? Read more