If you’re like us, you can’t wait until football season rolls along in September. Whether it’s a high school game, college, or pro football, you’re ready every weekend. At Townley Pool and Spa, we especially can’t wait to go tailgating with our Big Green Egg.

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What are you cooking tonight? Chicken, beef, pork, or even vegetables? Are you looking for the perfect BBQ salt to use as a rub? We’ve got you covered. The perfect BBQ salt is a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika.

What about sugar? Leaving the sugar out is a good idea if you are cooking above the 400-degree range because it burns quickly.

Now, let’s look at the perfect mix that goes with everything.

Why Is It So Great?

People always want to know what spice rub goes with everything. And they’re looking for something that’s right in their cabinet.

In equal amounts, salt, pepper, garlic, powder, and paprika are the most versatile spice rub. It’s also easy to mix and easy to use. You’ll find it also tastes great on everything from steak to vegetables.

Now let’s check out each seasoning on its own that makes up the perfect BBQ salt rub:


It’s so much more than just a flavoring. Salt has three functions:

  1. Salt and its chemical properties make meat retain water by changing muscle fibers. So, salt makes your meat juicier once it’s cooked.
  2. Salt strengthens the flavors of your food. It makes your food taste like, well, your food.
  3. Lastly, salt simply just tastes good.


It turns out that centuries ago, pepper was the most coveted spice. And people discovered that marrying salt and pepper makes everything taste better.

Pepper enhances the flavor of your food and promotes saliva flow, which again makes things taste better.


Garlic is full of savory sulfur compounds that make garlic taste so good. Garlic also works perfectly with protein, such as garlic. What’s more, garlic also makes low-protein foods like vegetables taste better.

When making your seasoning, you do want to use garlic powder. It has a mellower flavor than minced garlic.


Besides salt, pepper, and garlic, we like to add some paprika to our perfect BBQ salt rub. Paprika adds a bit of savory to your rub, and we love it every time!

It’s sweet, smoky, a bit fiery, and earthy. And let’s not forget it adds brilliant, vibrant color, too.

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