When you cook on the Big Green Egg, you have unparalleled versatility, and that includes cooking steak.

What’s more, you have many options for cooking steak – it just depends how you like it!

Here’s what you need to know about cooking steak. Read more

One of the reasons we love the Big Green Egg is because we can cook multiple items at one time. If you’re cooking for a crowd for March Madness or any other time of year, check out these creative uses for the EGGspander! Read more

David is back in his third video to tell you just what you need to do to keep on grilling! Watch what David has to say about your Big Green Egg and freeze protection. Read more

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Get an EGG for Christmas, or do you just want to learn more? David Townley, the CEO of “Low and Slow” provides instruction on EGGing that you don’t want to miss! Join us as we introduce you to The Ultimate Cooking Experience!

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When most people think of grilling, they think of spring, summer, and fall. Yet, winter is a great time to grill, too. After all, you made an investment when you purchased your grill. Why not get the most out of it all year long without regard to the weather? Read more

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With the Egg, your possibilities for cooking are endless. Have you ever wondered what makes the Big Green Egg so great? In this article we tell you it’s everything from the lifetime warranty, to its ease of use, to the ability to cook anything you want, and finally to the joy of fresh, home-cooked meals every day of the week.

Check out these six videos and see just what’s so cool about the Egg.

Here’s what makes the Big Green Egg so great! Read more

One week countdown to Thanksgiving! David has a few last minute items you need for a great holiday season! Check out Thanksgiving prep a la Townley. Read more

Watch as Jessica welcomes November with a few things we are doing to “give back” to our customers and the greater Little Rock community this month! Read more

You may have heard that the items you need for your Thanksgiving meal may be in short supply this year. So, it’s time to get your supplies now! Stop by for your wood chunks and charcoal now!

SPECIAL TIP: We recommend you use fruit woods, pecan and oak wood, and not mesquite or hickory for your holiday turkey.

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