Dive Into Winter Grilling

Dive Into Winter Grilling

When most people think of grilling, they think of spring, summer, and fall. Yet, winter is a great time to grill, too. After all, you made an investment when you purchased your grill. Why not get the most out of it all year long without regard to the weather?

While some grills are useless in cold weather, you’ll find the best grill to dive into winter grilling is the Big Green Egg.

The thick ceramic construction of an EGG keeps the heat in, and this means you can cook as perfectly in the winter as you do all summer! So why is the Big Green Egg our favorite year round grill?

Big Green Egg is an All-Season Cooker

Anyone who owns a Big Green Egg knows never to ask the question, “Can I grill in the winter?”

Why not? Well… they just know their grill is the ultimate grill capable of grilling anytime.

When you use gas grills or pellet cookers in cold weather, you generally need to let the grill warm up longer. What’s more, this uses more fuel. You may even find you need to add a warming blanket around the cooker.

Not so with a Big Green Egg!

Thanks to the incredible thermal efficiency of the EGG, you can grill in any temperature. This is because the outside temperature doesn’t affect the EGG. This means you can keep right on grilling with ease and success even if the temperature drops below freezing.

The All-Weather Benefits of an EGG

A Big Green Egg kamado grill – regardless of the weather – heats up and is ready to use in minutes. You don’t have to worry about empty gas tanks or moving parts that can freeze up, rust, or wear out.

If your power runs out again, you have no problem.

Even in the coldest, windiest, snowiest weather, the all-natural lump charcoal in your Big Green Egg lights quickly and easily without the need for power cords. This means that nothing can keep you from a warm, hearty meal.

Cooking Out Starts Cozy Nights

There is nothing more comforting than a hot EGG cooking a warm meal on a cold and rainy day or chilly evening. One of the many benefits of a Big Green Egg is that you cook with the dome closed.

This means the heat and moisture stay inside, so your food doesn’t dry out. This also means you don’t need to stand in the cold and hover over the EGG while it cooks!

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The Big Green Egg Gets You Outside

It’s always nice to spend time in nature, even when it’s cold outside. You’ll find that with your Big Green Egg, you’re not wondering if you should grill in winter as much as you’re trying to decide what to grill.

Because the Big Green Egg cooks, bakes, grills, and smokes, you can cook anything from meat to soup to stew to bread and even desserts. Get out your hearty meals and cook them on the Big Green Egg!

Tip for Grilling Outside

We do have one tip for those of you wanting to partake in our favorite cold-weather pastime – winter grilling.

Move your grill closer to your house or your garage. We find we are more likely to grill outside in cold weather if we shorten the walk between the house and the grill.

Please be sure to keep your grill at least 10 feet away from areas that can catch on fire. Don’t bring the EGG into the garage or put it under a covered patio. Keep your usual safety rules!

Final Thoughts

Have we convinced you? We actually just reminded ourselves to visit our blog and pick out a hearty winter grilling recipe!

Get grilling this weekend and enjoy a bit of quiet time outside while you cook your meal right on your Big Green Egg. Don’t have an EGG? Come see us or contact us below!