The pinnacle of your holiday meal, the Crown Roast adds something special to your holiday meal or special occasion. The reason for its name is apparent because once tied in a circle, it resembles a crown!

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If you’re like us, you like to make some extra turkey for leftovers the next day. Here’s a great recipe for that “leftover turkey!” Open-Faced Leftover Turkey Sandwich on the long holiday weekend. Read more

This recipe for Bourbon Apple Pie is festive yet simple, and with the EGG, outdoor cooking requires so little effort that the host is free to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. Read more

David is back in this video where he explains you want to pay attention to the temperature and not the time. Read more

Here’s your last tip before Thanksgiving: the updated Big Green Egg Turkey Cheat Sheet. It has everything you need to know for Thursday! Read more

A spatchcocked turkey is often called a butterflied turkey. Whatever you call it, this is a great way to cook the turkey (or chicken) so the whole bird comes out moist and delicious. Let’s hear it for Bourbon-Brined Smoked Spatchcocked Turkey.

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Once you spatchcock your Thanksgiving turkey, we bet you’ll never go back! In this article, we look at how you can do it with ease. Read more

We’ve got another amazing Halloween recipe for you! Kids and adults alike will love this Spooky Mushroom Skull Pizza! Read more

Looking for the most creative Halloween recipe? Your friends and family will love these Mummy Hot Dogs! Read more

Celebrate Halloween with these spooky brownies. These Bourbon Butterscotch Brownies are extra delicious! Read more

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