Thanksgiving is almost here, and the holidays are upon us. This means your digestive tract will be working overtime.

If you’re like most of us, you over-indulge at Thanksgiving and during the holidays. If so, you know what inevitably comes – that feeling of being overly full and uncomfortable. Sound like you? We’ve got a tip that can help!

In this article, we look at how you can relive that over-stuffed feeling and say goodbye to digestion issues for good…

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Start working on your wellness routine today, and in just 20 minutes a day, hot tub hydrotherapy can help you sleep better, feel better, move better, and feel less stressed.

Life is stressful, but you can get through it relaxed. Here’s info on obtaining better wellness through hydrotherapy. Read more

Whether you’re spending the evening with family or having a small group over, it’s time to shake up your Halloween evening get-together. How? Take it into the backyard around your hot tub.  Let’s look at how you can have a tricked out tub for Halloween. Read more

We are so excited to announce we have Freeflow Spas hot tubs here in October 2021!

Freeflow Spas plug into any standard 110v outlet and are great on a budget! Simply add water, plug in your hot tub and enjoy.

See what Dallas has to say about these two hot tubs!

Renting? Moving? Redoing your backyard?

Our lightweight spas can go with you and remain a part of your family wherever you go – across the country, to the other side of town, or just a new spot in your backyard.

Check out these Freeflow Spas coming October 2021:


Freeflow Spas Monterey

The Monterey is the ideal hot tub for entertaining and seats up to seven people. It’s made from tough, weather-resistant materials.

Transform your outdoor space and wow your guests with this hot tub’s 22 hydrotherapy jets, multi-color LED light, waterfall feature, and built-in ice bucket for beverages.

The full foam insulation makes the Monterey energy efficient, keeping the heat in and the electric bill low. Plus, with Plug-N-Play capability, setup is a breeze—no electrical hard-wiring required, just plug it in and enjoy!

In taupe, this spa is $5,495 or $100 per month. Click on the model to view.


Freeflow Spas Excursion

With room for up to five adults, invite your family to disconnect from their devices and relax in your backyard oasis. The Excursion features 25 jets, a lounge seat, a soothing waterfall, a multi-color LED light, and a molded-in ice bucket for beverages of your choice.

Plug-N-Play technology makes setup simple, with no electrical hard-wiring required. Just plug your hot tub into any 110v outlet and let the Excursion Sport bring your family together as the jets massage away the stress of everyday life.

In taupe, this spa is $5,495 or $100 per month. Click on the model to view.



Make your hot tub cover last as long as possible! This product helps ensure UV protection while keeping your cover clean!

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Crisp fall days and evenings are right around the corner which means you’ll spend more time in your hot tub. In this article, we look at how to get your hot tub ready for fall. Read more

You probably know that a soak in the hot tub is good for sore muscles and joints.

We’ve explained about the benefits of hot tub heat therapy and how it increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and stimulates healing.

What we haven’t explained is whether or not you should soak before you exercise or after. Let’s look at that question now. Read more

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You want a hot tub, but you heard there’s a bit of a wait. While that’s true, we can assure you a new spa is a lifelong investment in your wellness that is well worth the wait.

While global demand for hot tubs and pools is at historic highs, we do want to give you hope. With the best brand in hot tub, Hot Spring Spas, you can rest assured your top notch hot tub will provide you a lifetime of wellness. Read more

You’ve decided it’s time to create your very own backyard retreat and add a the prefect spa from Hot Spring® spa. You’ve researched the benefits of owning and hot tub and learned how regular soaks can provide muscle and stress relief and help you sleep more soundly!

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