It’s never been easier to manage your pool heater. Meet the AVIA next-generation pool and spa heater! If you want to swim earlier in the spring and later in the fall, this pool heater is a must-have!

Check out this video for more info.

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If you have teenage children or grandchildren, or you spend time with tweens and teenagers, you probably know first hand how hard it is to get them to look up from their smartphones and actually talk to you.

Are you like us, looking for ways to talk to your teenager or tween? If so, we’ve got tips in this article. Read more

Highlife Collection spas are known for their legendary massage, leading energy efficiency, easy water care, and cutting-edge design.

Now, they’ve raised the bar to give you even more. Read more

Springing forward is hard on your body. Some experts even believe our bodies never really adjust to time changes. What’s more, Daylight Saving Time puts stress on your body. So, how can you combat this added stress on your body?

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Have you ever purchased a home, a car, a boat, a vacation rental, electronic equipment, or expensive jewelry? You know just how to shop.

You probably did your research and learned the lingo before ever stepping foot into a showroom or store.

Investing in a spa is a big, life-long purchase. Buying a hot tub brings your family closer together and helps you relax, de-stress and unwind. In this article, we look at how to shop for a hot tub. Read more

The 2023 Hot Spring Spas are on their way! Here are the last 2022 models that include a discount! Read more

When you think of the world of fitness, you probably think about professional athletes. And, you might think of people who exercise to lose weight and those who work out to bulk up. Read more

Like most of us, you like to shop around to find the best value on the products you purchase. You might have also found that on occasion buying cheaper products often means inferior products.

This is very true when it comes to buying chemicals for your pool or hot tub.

We’re all smart consumers, and we have many choices when it comes to purchasing. But, does cheaper always mean better?

In this article, we answer the question, “Does it matter where you buy your pool chemicals?”

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Yoga helps you relax and feel calmer while helping you be stronger and more flexible. It really is a perfect form of exercise. But we can make it better with hot tub yoga!

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Have you ever noticed the way your morning starts is usually how you feel the rest of the day?

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