Like most of us, you like to shop around to find the best value on the products you purchase. You might have also found that on occasion buying cheaper products often means inferior products.

This is very true when it comes to buying chemicals for your pool or hot tub.

We’re all smart consumers, and we have many choices when it comes to purchasing. But, does cheaper always mean better?

In this article, we answer the question, “Does it matter where you buy your pool chemicals?”

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Healthy relationships thrive on time spent together and date night. As we’re in the season of love and Valentine’s Day, you are probably thinking of ways to spend quality time with your loved one.

What better way to show your love and togetherness than a special date night at home? Let’s look at how to have the perfect date night at home. Read more

It’s hard to believe, but the biggest football game of the year is this Sunday! Have you thought about how you’ll spend the evening? If you’re having a get-together with friends and family, check out these tips for the best football watching party!

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Need a Valentine’s gift? With just a little time until the most romantic day of the year, you’re probably thinking about what to buy your sweetheart. Chocolate, flowers, jewelry…it’s all entered your mind.

But, what about shaking it up this year? How about buying a gift that lasts a lifetime? One that doesn’t die after a week or get eaten in short order?

Elevate your Valentine’s Day this year and surprise your loved one and your whole family with the perfect gift.

Let’s look at three reasons why a hot tub makes a perfect Valentine’s gift. Read more

Do you have a case of the winter blues? With two years full of Covid, and no real end in sight, it can be particularly hard to be in the middle of winter.

For many of us, the cold, snow, and ice keep us inside and away from the out-of-doors, causing the winter blues.

Yet, being outside and doing something for yourself can really help you jump-start your winter wellness and avoid the winter blues. Read more

Wondering why everyone wants a hot tub?

If you’re like millions of Americans, you want to have fun, stress less, and stay active. And for many, you may want to do this right at home. Whether this is because of the Covid pandemic, or you simply want to spend more time enjoying your home, more and more people want to create an oasis. Read more

After such a mild fall, winter is finally here! There are some things you’ll want to attend to when it comes to your pool or hot tub. Read more

“This spa is so relaxing. Looks good and feels even better. Soothes my aching back and neck each night before bed. Have been sleeping better, and my overall health and well-being are better!” — HotSpring® Owner

How would you like to feel your absolute best each and every day? In this article, we look at being and feeling your very best in 2022. Read more

It’s almost the New Year, and it’s time for those all-important New Year’s resolutions. These are the ones most of us start thinking about at the end of December toward the beginning of January. We have the best intentions, but sometimes it’s a struggle to stay consistent.

In this article, we look at how a hot tub can help you with your New Year’s resolutions.  You might surprised at how well you can stick with them when you take care of them in your own backyard spa. Read more

While the holidays are full of good food, friends, family and tradition, there’s a lot crammed into that these last few weeks. Combine that with Covid worries, and stress can skyrocket.

The last weeks of the year are stressful even when we aren’t still in the middle of a pandemic.  Many of us thought Covid would be yesterday’s years, but 2021 is coming to an end, and it’s still with us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays with less stress! Here’s how to escape the holiday stress and worries and enjoy the very best the holidays have to offer… Read more