Get Your Hot Tub Ready for Fall

Get Your Hot Tub Ready for Fall

Crisp fall days and evenings are right around the corner which means you’ll spend more time in your hot tub. In this article, we look at how to get your hot tub ready for fall.

Here’s a list of things you can do now to make sure you enjoy every second in your hot tub. Hurry – the time is almost upon us!

#1: Drain and Refill

Right before the weather cools is a great time to thoroughly drain and fill your tub. This means you start fall and winter with a hot tub full of brand new water. Fall is a great time to do your every six month drain and clean.

Feel free to ask us for tips, or we can even do it for you.

#2: Clean Your Filters

This is a great time to clean your filters. And, if they’re old, go ahead and replace them.

You want your hot tub at the right temperature all the time, and filters play a role in this. If your filters are old or too dirty, they restrict flow to your spa’s filtration and heating system.

Get Your Hot Tub Ready for Fall

#3: Clean Your Cover

You don’t want to have to handle a dirty cover, so this is a good time to not only clean but to condition it.

Scrub both the top of your cover and the underside of the cover. This helps get rid of mildew and eliminate smells.

You can also condition your cover. This helps the water roll right off when it rains and can provide UV protection.

It’s time to replace your cover if it’s brittle, it gets waterlogged, or it’s too old.

Energy efficiency is the goal, and a cover in good condition take better care of your hot tub.

#4: Clean Your Ozone System

If your hot tub has an ozone system, you want to clean it now. Next, if it’s older than three years, test it to make sure it still works. If not, replace it so your water stays in good shape.

#5: Add a New Accessory

Do you have spa steps, a spa umbrella, handrails or a Bluetooth music system?

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your accessories.

To Conclude

We’ve got everything you need at Townley Pool and Spa in Little Rock, Arkansas. Feel free to stop by or give us a call. We are your hot tub experts!