Wondering about the perfect temp for your hot tub so you get its maximum benefit? Wondering how to maximize your investment?

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Just like any big purchase, you might ask yourself while considering a Hot Spring Spa how often you will use your hot tub.

The answer to that question really depends on which hot tub you choose. If you choose well and you’re committed to wellness, it’s a safe bet you’ll jump in your spa more than you originally expected to.

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David and Jessica Townley got an insider’s look at the completely redesigned Hot Spring Spas Aria and Prodigy models coming in 2023! Stop by – we’d love to tell you more about ALL the new additions from Hot Spring Spas! New colors, too! We have TWO truckloads coming!

Check out the video below!

Do you have a case of the winter blues? With early nights and cold days, it can be particularly hard to be in the middle of winter.

For many of us, the cold, snow, and ice keep us inside and away from the out-of-doors, causing the winter blues.

Yet, being outside and doing something for yourself can really help you jump-start your winter wellness and avoid the winter blues. Read more

While the holidays are full of good food, friends, family and tradition, there’s a lot crammed into that these last few weeks. Combine that with Covid worries, and stress can skyrocket.

The last weeks of the year are stressful even when we aren’t still in the middle of a pandemic.  Many of us thought Covid would be yesterday’s years, but 2021 is coming to an end, and it’s still with us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays with less stress! Here’s how to escape the holiday stress and worries and enjoy the very best the holidays have to offer… Read more

A spa is a memory maker and one that lasts decades. This is just one of the many reasons we think it makes a great family gift! This article looks at five reasons why a hot tub makes the perfect holiday gift. Read more

Thanksgiving is almost here, and the holidays are upon us. This means your digestive tract will be working overtime.

If you’re like most of us, you over-indulge at Thanksgiving and during the holidays. If so, you know what inevitably comes – that feeling of being overly full and uncomfortable. Sound like you? We’ve got a tip that can help!

In this article, we look at how you can relive that over-stuffed feeling and say goodbye to digestion issues for good…

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Thinking about buying a hot tub this holiday season? Worried about energy prices and how they keep increasing?  Not only do our customers want to know how much a hot tub costs to purchase, but they want to know how much their electric bill will increase. Read more

Start working on your wellness routine today, and in just 20 minutes a day, hot tub hydrotherapy can help you sleep better, feel better, move better, and feel less stressed.

Life is stressful, but you can get through it relaxed. Here’s info on obtaining better wellness through hydrotherapy. Read more

While hot tubs look nice with the cover on, your hot tub cover serves a very important purpose.

Its job is to hold in the heat when you aren’t using your spa. This reduces your energy consumption and keeps your costs low. Read more