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Your hot tub provides you with a lot – a soothing, relaxing experience and a place to unwind. You get enjoyment, relief, comfort, and an improved life.

So, because your spa takes care of you, you want to give it a little TLC in return. It doesn’t take much to maintain your spa on a regular basis —just keep the water clean, and periodically drain it, clean it, and refill it. Here’s how to drain and clean your spa. Read more

Do you like to stand under the water during your shower, letting the cascading waterfall over your head? Have you ever wondered why it makes you feel good? Do you like to soak in a bathtub? How about the swimming pool, a river or lake, or the ocean?

Why do we love being in the water? We uncover the answer below.

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You may know we carry Hot Spring Spas, but have you ever wondered why we choose to carry this brand? Check out the article on why this is the brand for us… and you!

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Summer is in full force, and that can bring brutally hot temperatures with hit. Heat and humidity combined together make most of us run for the pool or the air conditioning.

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If you lead an active, energetic lifestyle and exercise regularly, you probably find that comes with aches and pains. This is a common problem for athletes of all levels from beginner to high-level athletes.

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Our featured hot tub this month is IN STOCK for quick delivery! For just $254 per month, the Hot Spring Spas Limelight Flash can be yours! Learn more about this 7-seater from David in this video.

It feels great to soak in a hot tub, and all of the hot tubs you’ve looked at are beautiful. So, how do you decide?

You want to make your choice based on clear facts, hard statistics, and answers to a few simple questions. For example, what’s your budget? Are you looking for more family time, pain relief, better health or all of three? How do your top choices compare to one another? Read more

You’ve decided it’s time to create your very own backyard retreat and add a the prefect spa from Hot Spring® spa. You’ve researched the benefits of owning and hot tub and learned how regular soaks can provide muscle and stress relief and help you sleep more soundly!

What’s more, you can’t wait for all that distraction-free quality time with your loved ones! Read more