A Tricked Out Tub for Halloween

A Tricked Out Tub for Halloween

Whether you’re spending the evening with family or having a small group over, it’s time to shake up your Halloween evening get-together. How? Take it into the backyard around your hot tub.  Let’s look at how you can have a tricked-out tub for Halloween.

How spooky you make your backyard, and your spa is up to you. Get creative and help your soakers make a splash. Here’s how…

Create a Witches Brew in Your Hot Tub

This is where your LED lighting comes in handy. Use your purple lights to make your water spooky. Then, hit up your local Halloween or party store for eyeballs, skeleton bones, or creepy insects or frogs. Add them to the hot tub.

The steam and bubbles in the hot tub will do all the rest to create a bubbling witch’s brew for your party.

Create a Radioactive Hot Tub

You want to use your green LED lights to create an acid-looking hot tub.

Create a “danger” sign for the hot tub and use yellow warning or police tape for added ambiance. You can again through in some skeleton bones or plastic body parts for added affect.

Create a Thriller Hot Tub

It’s on to your red LED lighting for this hot tub. Your goal is to create “red water” that looks like blood. Grab a Freddy mask, and you’re sure to thrill your party-goers.

Create a Foggy Atmosphere

Rent a fog machine or put dry ice in galvanized tubs around your backyard. This is the ultimate way to create that spooky ambiance.

Grab some tombstones at the party store as well as large size skeletons, rats and other icky bugs or animals and throw them around your yard.

You can also add some cobwebs around the tombstones and in the trees for that perfect spooky look. Don’t forget the life size spiders.

witches brew

Use Food as the Centerpiece

When it comes to drinks and snacks, get out your phone and search Pinterest for recipes. You’ll find spooky Halloween recipes that will knock your guests’ socks off.

Use colored drinks and eyeball stirrers – hot glue plastic eyeballs on wooden sticks. Think bloody drinks, too, and either use colored drinks or red food coloring.

Look up recipes for anything that looks like spiders, eyeballs, bugs, and frogs.  Get creative and have fun, and your guests will remember your party for a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

The best thing you can do to trick out your hot tub and have the best party ever is to get creative and search the internet for ideas. Halloween is one of the funnest occasions to get crazy.

Finally, don’t forget the spooky music and colored lights!

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