The Magic Healing Power of Hot Water

The Magic Healing Power of Hot Water560

For centuries, people have celebrated the healing properties and magic healing power of hot water immersion.

Today, you might even find physical therapists using it in their practices and recommending it to patients.

The magic power of hot water isn’t limited to the physical either. It has healing powers for the body and the mind. And, when life gets really stressful, hot water can really help.

So, whether you are soaking in a hot tub or a bath tub, you’ll experience some of the same healing power of hot water immersion. Let’s look at how hot water helps.

Hot Water Reduces Stress

Since the early classical times, people have been soaking in warm water to relax. Luckily, today we have hot tubs to up the ante with hot water and massage.

Regular hot tub users feel better, stress less, and enjoy the recuperative powers of hot water soaking every day.

What’s more, a hot soak can help blood pressure drop, relaxing hot tub users even more.

If you haven’t felt the calming effects of a hot water soak, it’s time now to try it. You’ll feel calmer and more able to handle the uncharted days ahead.

You Can Do More Longer

As we age, aches and pains start to set in. For many people, this restricts movement and even hampers daily fitness goals.

But, when you add hot water therapy, you’ll instantly feel better.

Soaking in a hot tub with hydrotherapy and massage keeps your muscles and joints feeling better. When you soak regularly, getting out of bed in the morning or going for that five mile hike don’t feel nearly as hard.

You Heal Faster

Hot water soaking increases your circulation and helps with healing. This is one of the reasons warm soaks are recommended by physical therapists.

When you hop in a hot tub, you get warm water and soothing jets to help increase your circulation and  supply nutrients to your cells while regenerating your tissues.

Hot tub soaking in warm water can help you heal faster and have a longer-lasting recovery.

Sleep is Rejuvenating Again

For those who have trouble sleeping, a hot water soak helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. A soak releases tension and puts on the right course for a good night’s sleep.

When you sleep better the rest of your day seems to fall right into place. Don’t believe us? Try a soak about an hour before bedtime and see how it helps!

You Experience a Reduction in Pain

The magic healing power of hot water is truly something when it comes to arthritis sufferers.  Hot water raises your body temperature, increases blood circulation, and with its natural buoyancy makes your joints and muscles feel better.

Even better – add the power of massaging jets, and you’ll stimulate endorphins – your body’s own natural pain releiver.


To Conclude

At Townley Pool and Spa, we believe in the magical powers of hot water therapy.

If you have a spa, we encourage you to use it more! If you don’t have one, call or text us to set up a test soak in one of our spas and experience the benefits yourself!

Le the healing power of hot water transform your life!