Make your own Full Strength Bleach from Pool Shock

We are in the middle of a pandemic,  and as you know, supplies of bleach and disinfectant are at low levels now. We can help!

In this article, we look at how to make your own full strength bleach from pool shock (which we have plenty of!).

Basic Information

Pool Shock has a full strength shelf life of 10+ years, and we sell a granular calcium hypochlorite pool shock.  You’ll want to purchase pool shock that contains this in a 60% to 73% concentration range with the rest made up of inert ingredients. You’ll find that 68% is very common and easy to find.

Directions for Making

We found several sites online with directions for making bleach from pool shock. Do practice safety! Don’t breathe in the shock and wear gloves and goggles. Download their information below:

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