Enjoying Your Pool Six Feet Apart

Enjoying Your Pool Six Feet Apart

It’s hot. It’s summer. You want to get outside and enjoy your pool with friends and family. And, everyone wants to join you.

But in our new reality, how do you make it work?  How do you make it more fun? Check out this article with tips on enjoying your pool six feet apart!

Set Up a Diving Board Contest

This is a favorite of young and old alike, and it helps keep swimmers at a safe distance.

Get creative and come up with multiple options. You can even separate them by age – different contests for the youngest swimmers and a bit more difficult ones for the older swimmers.

For example, you can always do the traditional cannonball contest, but you can add biggest splash, most creative acrobatics, best dive, best belly flop, see if they can catch a ball mid air, and more.

Make sure you have a judge and prizes, too!

Set Up an Obstacle Course

This is an on-land and in-pool game. Again, get creative and come up with as many stations as you’d like.

Remember the age of your attendees and set it up accordingly.

Some ideas for different stations include:

  • Dry-land race from one object to another.
  • Swimming across the pool with an object the pick up.
  • Hula hooping for a specified amount of time.
  • Races in and out of the pool.
  • Pool noodle obstacle course on dry land – attendees go over, under, and around.
  • Tire walking if you have spare tires.
  • Tic tac toe.
  • Diving for objects in the pool.
  • Specific jump off the diving board.

Whoever finishes the race first wins.

Set Up a Watermelon Ball Game

Separate your group into two teams. Try to keep the number of people in the pool smaller so you can stay safely apart. Give each team a side and throw a watermelon into the spool (it will float).

The game is like football, but in the water, and players use a watermelon in place of a football. The object of the game is the teams to move the watermelon through the pool, eventually putting it on the edge of the opposite team’s side.

The teams can push the watermelon in anyway they’d like and pass it to teammates, but they can’t take it out of the water. To socially distance, make whatever rules you feel are appropriate for your players. For example, if they’re people who are around each other all the time, you can let them get “football” rough.

Get Crafty with a Boat Race

If you have party goers that would like to do a craft, you can have everyone make their own boats. Then, they can put their boats in the water and see which one gets across the pool the fastest.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the games that will make summer swimming more enjoyable during this pandemic. The most important thing is that your friends and family are outside in the fresh air, enjoying all that summer has to offer!

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