Why Water Balance is Important

Why Water Balance is Important

One of the most basic elements of anything we do is the requirement for balance.

Relationships must be balanced to be healthy. The same goes for meals. A proper work-life balance is essential to maintain emotional balance. A good sense of balance is essential to a career as a circus high wire artist. Why should the water in your pool or spa be any different? Short answer – it’s not.

Water Balance

Water balance is extremely important for a number of reasons, and at Townley Pool and Spa, you’ll find a full line of pool and spa chemicals to help you achieve and maintain proper water balance. This helps you keep your pool or spa sparkling clean, which keeps you and your family happy (see how that all balances?).

Water Chemistry

Water chemistry, although quite complex, centers upon one critical factor – pH level. Improper pH levels, either too high or too low, mean trouble, from itchy eyeballs to corroded plumbing, and a lot of other ills in between. Let’s break it down this way:

  • Low pH – At low pH levels, below 7.4 for pools and 7.2 for spas, water becomes increasingly acidic, which makes it more corrosive to metal and accommodating to organic contaminants. Consistently acidic water will eat up plumbing fixtures, water lines and pumps, damage filtration systems, and provide a playground for bacteria and algae to flourish.
  • High pH – A pH level above 7.6 for pools and 7.8 for spas, on the other hand, means water is becoming more alkaline, which contributes to scaling as calcium deposits begin to build up in and around pipes, heater elements, concrete, and liners. Excessive scaling will inhibit water flow, reduce effectiveness of heat exchangers, and lead to premature failure of system components.

Maintaining Balance

Maintaining the pH balance in your water helps chemicals such as sanitizers, oxidizers, balancers, and others work more effectively in controlling algae and bacteria, keeping pool and spa surfaces clean, and components working properly (more specific water balance info here).


Testing is key to maintaining balance. At the start of pool season (and once a month), bring a water sample to Townley Pool and Spa for professional analysis and use test strips at home at least once a week to monitor pH levels. As the pool supply authority in Arkansas, Townley will make sure you have what you need to achieve and maintain perfect balance.

Final Thoughts

Get ready for pool season now by calling Townley Pool and Spa at 501-666-0776, contacting us online, or come by our showroom at 12911 Cantrell Road, and we’ll balance your questions with answers.

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