5 of the Best Swimming Pool Games

10 of the Best Swimming Pool Games

There’s nothing better than swimming all summer long. But, after awhile the same old games tend to get boring. Check out this post of the five of the best swimming pool games to recharge the magic and your families’ summertime fun!

#1: The Invisible Bottle

This is a super fun game that both adults and kids will enjoy.

Grab a plastic water bottle or 2-liter bottle. No fancy colors here, you just want a plain bottle and cap. Fill up the bottle with pool water.

Have players line up around the pool deck, facing away from the pool. You don’t want any peeking. Throw the bottle in the water while no one is looking.

Then, all the players jump in the pool, and whoever finds the invisible bottle first wins.

#2: The Octopus

Our kids love this game. Here’s how to play:

  • Pick a person to be “it.”
  • This person should be in the middle of the swimming pool.
  • Everyone else can get in the pool and try to swim to the other side without getting tagged by “it.”
  • If a person gets tagged, they then join hands with “it” in the middle. This eventually forms a big line in the middle, making it harder for players to get across the people.
  • The last person left to not get tagged wins.

#3: What Time Is It, Mrs. Fox?

Another great game loved by kids and adults of all ages.

This game goes like this:

  • One player is Mrs. Fox and stands at one end of the pool. (You can also use Mr. Fox if it is a boy player.)
  • The other kids stand on the opposite end and keep asking, “What time is it, Mrs. Fox?”
  • Mrs. Fox can choose to reply something like, “Ten o’clock.” If so, the players take 10 steps ahead.
  • This continues on.
  • Mrs. Fox can also call, “It is lunchtime or dinnertime.” If this occurs, everyone is trapped and has to swim as fast as possible to their beginning position without getting tagged.
  • Whoever reaches their side first without getting tagged by Mrs. Fox wins.

#4: Tug Of War

An always popular game, you need a thick rope to play this one.

First, tie the rope at both ends of the pool. This game is just like tug of war, and you form a line of players on each side.

Whichever team pulls down the other team into the pool wins.

#5: Numbers Crunch

This is a unique game, and you need 20-30 ping pong balls and a permanent marker to play this game.

First, you want to use the marker to number each one of the ping pong balls 1- 20 or 1-30. Then throw them into the pool. Scatter them far and wide.

Then, separate players into teams of two. Start everyone off and have the teams collect the balls. They should grab the balls and then return them to a basked on “their end” of the pool.

Whichever team has the highest score (tally the balls) wins!

Final Thoughts

Enjoy these games for the rest of the summer as well as into the fall. As we’re all spending more time outside, these are a group of fun games to keep the summertime swimming enjoyment going for several more months.

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