Why We Prefer Electric Pool Heat Pumps

A pool heater is a great way to extend your pool season, and with everyone home more, that’s a great idea during COVID as well as the rest of the year!

To help you find the right heater for your pool, let’s look at why we prefer electric pool heat pumps.

Electric Heat Pumps Versus Natural Gas and Other Heaters

We prefer electric heat pumps over natural gas for several reasons. First, they are more efficient. Second, dollar per gallon it is cheaper to heat your pool.

Finally, the electric heat pump costs four or five times less than a gas heater.

How Does the Heat Pump Work

The heat pump harvests heat from the air and then transfers this heat straight to your pool water.

Plus, the electric heat pump is the most cost effective way to heat up your pool.

You’ll find that while heat pump pool filters generally cost a bit more than gas pool heaters, they cost less to run each year because they are much more efficient.

In addition, if you properly maintain your heat pump, it will last longer than gas pool heaters – often up to 10 years.

Overall, you’ll enjoy the most cost savings with a heat pump.

To Conclude

If you’re ready to add a heater to your pool, contact us today! It generally takes up to 45 days once you order your heat pump to get it in. So plan accordingly when making sure it’s ready for you this fall an dwinter!