Hot Tub Games for Everyone

Hot Tub Games for Everyone

You know that hot tubs are great for a number of reasons including wellness, relaxation, hydrotherapy, massage, better sleep, and relief from painful muscles and joints. But, did you know the hot tub is a great place to hang out with family and friends?

Once you’re done soaking and letting the jets massage you, check out this list of hot tub games for everyone. You can play in the spa, too!


This easy game is fun for the whole family. All you need is players and two plastic cups.

First, fill one cup with enough water so it stays upright in the hot tub. Then, pass the other cup around to the people in the hot tub. Each person should use this cup to add water to the cup in the hot tub without sinking it. The first person to sink the first cup loses. Keep playing the game until only one person is left.


This isn’t your typical dodgeball game.

You need one-five ping pong balls. Put them in the hot tub. There are also people in your hot tub. The goal of the game is to stay away from the ping pong balls and not be touched by them.

This isn’t easy! While all the players in the spa are moving around to avoid the balls, they have to keep their feet planted on the bottom. If a ping pong ball touches a person, they have to get out of the hot tub.

Every time a player leaves, add a ping pong ball to the hot tub! Whomever is left standing at the end, wins.

Rubber Duckie Race

This is your favorite, traditional rubber duckie game! If you don’t have any rubber ducks, you can use another toy that floats in the hot tub.

The goal of this game is for each player (or team) to get their ducks from one side of the hot tub to another.

Players can blow the duck or splash the water to move it. No hands!

Celebrity Party

If you’re more into enjoy your soak and your massage, you can simply sit in the hot tub and play a word game.

The person who knows the most celebrity names usually wins.

The first player chooses a letter. They may choose any letter they like. Once they choose a letter, they have to match a celebrity’s name with the letter. For example, if you choose M, you could say Madonna. Then, the next player also has to choose a celebrity with a first or last name that begins with an M.

Whoever keeps the game going win!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some of our favorite hot tub games, you’re ready to hang out with family and friends!

Make sure your hot tub water is clear and clean before your hot tub game night. Come see us for a free water test and hot tub chemicals!