4 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas for Any Budget

4 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas for Any Budget

You love to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, spend time with your family, and stargaze with your children outside. This is especially true now that we’re all spending more time at home.

What’s so fun is that for many of us, our backyard has become our go-to leisure destination. The stay cation has come full circle, and we’re enjoying our time at home.

In this article, we look at four hot tub landscaping ideas for any budget. Why? When you spend so much time outside, you want to make sure your backyard is the happiest place to be.So, where do you start? If you have a hot tub already, we’re going to start right there. Once you have one of our Hot Spring Spas hot tubs with the massaging jets, water features, and mood lighting, you’re well on your way.

Now it’s time to add some landscaping and a few accessories for the perfect backyard. Let’s look at how:

#1: Start Small

One easy and often inexpensive way is to start small.

First, take a look around your backyard. Pick a small area where you can dedicate some tender loving care. It may be repainting or replacing old patio furniture. Or, it could be replanting your flower beds. Planting flowers is a simple backyard project that adds beauty and color to your backyard or deck.

For this first project, pick one that’s small and easily attainable. It will energize you to take on bigger ones in the future.

#2: Look Around You

This one involves actually getting into your hot tub. Once in, take a look around and see what you can do to make your experience better.

For example, is there a tree blocking your view? Is there a bush hanging uncomfortably around the hot tub? Do you lack privacy? If so, some strategically placed bushes can help.

You may find the traffic is loud around your backyard. Consider installing a backyard fountain for a zen-like ambiance.

Don’t forget to add some lanterns or hanging lights for added atmosphere during the evening.

#3: Add Accessories

Another one of our hot tub landscaping ideas, is accessories. Accessories are the easiest way to add a splash of color indoors and out.

For example, add some flowers in pots around your hot tub for color. Or, paint your existing patio furniture for a fresh new look. Or, add some colorful pillows or throws on your chair or sofa.

Finally, consider a spa-side umbrella for color and shade.

#4: Enhance Any Spa

The placement of your spa is vital to how much you’ll use and enjoy it.

When placing your spa, make sure to put it so you have a great view. Consider a secluded corner for privacy or close to the back door for easy access.

Whatever you do, though, make sure to add decking or a pretty patio, plants and furnishings to create your backyard paradise.

Final Thoughts on Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

If you’re ready to take on a major renovation or just looking for a simple backyard project to spruce up your space, there’s hot tub landscaping ideas to fit every budget. Need some inspiration? Just ask one of our helpful staff members!

Don’t have a hot tub? Download our hot tub buying guide to get started!