Stress is the Thief of Sleep

Stress is the Thief of Sleep

If you have problems sleeping, the last thing you probably want to here is that you need more of it. This is something you already know!

What’s more, the harder you chase sleep, the more elusive it becomes.  While sleep can’t be forced, there are things you can do to help it happen. For example, one of the best things you can do is reduce or eliminate stress.

Why? Because stress is the thief of sleep.

The Importance of Deep Sleep

Before we look at the culprit, let’s explore the importance of deep sleep.

First,  adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, and that means quality sleep.

When experts refer to deep sleep, they’re talking about the state of sleep you need so you feel refreshed in the morning. For example,  sleep happens in stages.

The first stage is non-rapid eye movement (NREM), and the second is REM sleep. You’ll find that NREM sleep is divided into three stages from falling asleep to light sleep to slow-wave sleep (deep sleep). This is followed by REM sleep, what you know of as the dream sleep.

Throughout the night, you cycle through these many times. Deep sleep usually happens earlier in the night, and REM sleep in the latter part.

Deep sleep is important because this is when your body repairs and builds tissues, strengthens immunity, and gets rid of metabolic waste that causes problems such as dementia later in life.

Stress is the Thief

So, how does stress steal your deep sleep from you?

Many people suffer from chronic stress in our overly busy, overly committed modern times. When we’re stressed, we are often in flight or flight mode. This helps us get through our day and manage each thing that bumps into it.

When we’re sleeping, we are no longer in fight or flight mode. Our bodies are in rest and repair mode.

But, when your stress levels are always high, this means that the stress hormones such as cortisol that regulate your sleep/wake cycle increase, while melatonin,  which helps you sleep, decreases.

If stress is causing you to have continually elevated cortisol levels, sleep is going to be very difficult for you. The thief has struck, and it’s up to you to send him packing.

sleep thief

Ditching Stress and Sleeping Better

How do you reduce stress so you can sleep better? There are several ways including exercise, yoga, getting outside, massage, and even meditation.

Our favorite stress relief tool is the hot tub. With a myriad of benefits, the warm water of a hot tub provides you with a way to relax, while multiple jets provide and an incredible massage. All of this works together to de-stress your mind so you can sleep better.

What’s more, at bedtime, our body temperature starts to dip. By soaking in your hot tub about two hours before bedtime, your body temperature is elevated causing a greater decline in body temperature when you fall asleep.

This drop in body temperature reduces brain activity and helps you fall asleep better. The drop in body temperature also causes the brain to release melatonin, again helping you sleep better.

Are you ready to beat the thief of sleep by reducing your stress levels in a hot tub? We can help you find a hot tub to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Contact us today!