“Enjoy the soak and quality time with my spouse. Truly is a relationship builder.” — Hot Tub Owner

Do you feel like you’re constantly telling your kids (young and old alike) to put their phone or tablet down? You aren’t alone if you suffer from digital distractions!

Digital distractions are everywhere, and they often keep us from connecting with favorite people.  From smartphones to tablets, texting and social media, it can be hard to really stay in touch with family members.

In this article, we look at how to feel connected to loved ones so you don’t drift apart by saying goodbye digital distractions.

The Silence Disappears

Does it may seem like days go by, and you and your spouse say less and less to each other? Does checking work email, responding to texts and browsing social media take precedent? Has it just become to hard?

There is an answer, and you can find it in a Hot Spring ® spa.

It’s quiet and peaceful outside. There is water in the hot tub, and that means devices need to stay outside of it.

You’ll find after a few hot tub soaks with your spouse that your conversations get easier, and they start to flow. It may seem like you’re just dating again and trying to get it all out at once.

The hot tub is the perfect spot to refresh your relationship and rekindle the romance without digital distractions. It’s the ideal place to give your loved one your complete attention.

There’s Got to Be More than Digital Distractions

For many parents of tweens and teenagers, the typical answers are: “Good.” Nothing.” “I Don’t Know.” Just a Minute.”

Sound familiar? Do you feel like you have a constant battle with Snapchat and Instagram?

This is where the hot tub comes in. It’s not a good idea to have that phone or tablet in or near the water of your hot tub.

So, kids have no choice but to leave it inside or on a table.

When they do this, and you spend some time soaking with your family, you’ll find the answers get longer and more interesting.

That, “I don’t know,” becomes, “I had a really hard time with that English test because I don’t really feel like Mr. Smith explained it very well.” The word, “nothing,” becomes, “Dave broke up with me because he decided he liked Susan. I can’t believe it! What should I do?”

Time with Loved Ones

There’s no room for a phone in the hot tub!

It’s All About the Family

Hot Spring spas are all about family and creating memories.

Make your hot tub an integral part of your life by dedicating time each week to soak separately with your spouse and your kids. Spend individualized time with each.

You’ll find that laughter, joy, special moments and meaningful conversation become something everyone looks forward to.

How do we know this? We know this because we, too, are hot tubbers.

We know what it’s like to feel like you’re always competing with a smartphone for the attention of loved ones. And, we know what happens when you get into the hot tub with your family.

Lives change for the better, and every day gets better.

Can We Go in the Hot Tub?

We invite you to start enjoying the benefits of your hot tub by saying goodbye digital distractions. If you already own a spa, use it more. Engage your family and encourage them to spend 15 minutes with you.

If you don’t own a hot tub, stop by. We’ll gladly show you the many extraordinary features and explain how financing makes your dream more affordable.

So, today, we encourage you to focus on your family and make a goal to soak together more often. Create your own family memories in the hot tub of your choice. Just maybe, the words we mentioned earlier will be a thing of the past, and the new words you hear are, “Can we go in the hot tub?”

Hot tubs are all about family and spending time with your loved ones. Ready to add one to your backyard? Start the conversation today!