Back to School Pool Party Planning

How to Plan a Back to School Party

You know it’s time for a pool party as the kids are heading back to school.

Just because the school doors are opening, it doesn’t mean summer pool fun is over. You’ve got plenty of days of beautiful, warm weather left.

To help you throw the best shindig, we’ve put together some back to school pool party planning ideas, just for you.

Take Care of the Pool

As school nears, many of us tend to neglect our pools. So, we encourage you to “send your pool back to school.”

First, you want to test your water and bring us the sample. We can then tell what chemicals you need for clean, crystal clear water when we run it through BioGuard’s Alex system.

You also want to brush and vacuum your pool to get it into tip top shape.

A clean pool is a safe, healthy, crystal clear pool for hours of fun!

Organize a Great Party

You can have a back to school pool party for just the students, or you could invite families, too. Since you don’t want to leave any kiddos out, check with their teacher to get a complete list of students to invite.

You want to organize the party from the beginning. Decide if it will be at your house, another family’s, or the local pool.

Send out invitations. This is an important note: send them to all of the students. This isn’t the time to leave anyone out.

Plan your kid-friendly menu. Get creative an search Pinterest boards for ideas.

Gather pool toys as well as some backyard fun. Think water balloons, games and more.

Next, you want to put together a play list because no party is complete without music!

Have a Theme

Consider adding an “extra” theme to your party.

You might have a school supply drive. Ask each guest to bring a school supply item such as markers, pencil case, lunchbox, snack sacks, erasers, staplers, rulers and more.

Have each guests pile their supplies on a table for everyone to see and then after the party, donate them to a local school in need.

Add a Cookout

You can package meals individually so it’s easy for kids to grab their food, eat it, and get back into the pool.  If you’re going to add a cookout to your pool party, this is a good opportunity to introduce the kids to some fun BBQ fare while giving them a chance to meet and mingle and have fun in the pool.

If you are inviting families, you can have a potluck or ask them to bring sides or desserts. If this is the case, have one person serve all the food so you keep germs to a minimum.

Decorate your yard and pool in a festive way.

Final Thoughts

So, when should you have your back to school party? In Little Rock, the weather is great all through September, so anytime in August or September is a great idea.

If it’s before school starts, ask the teacher for a list of students so you can send your invitations out.

The most important thing is for everyone to have a great time relaxing, playing games, sharing fun memories in the pool and great food!

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