The Big Green Egg is all about serving great food for family and friends during the holidays, and it starts with a great turkey! Read more

A simple, yet delicious turkey recipe from Adam Perry Lang. This Whole Turkey with Light Salt Brine is sure to please all your holiday guests. Read more

Ready for some of the most delicious, smokiest, alcohol infused chili around? This Smoked Bourbon Chili is perfect for fall and winter evenings! Read more

You may have heard that the items you need for your Thanksgiving meal may be in short supply this year. So, it’s time to get your supplies now! Stop by for your wood chunks and charcoal now!

SPECIAL TIP: We recommend you use fruit woods, pecan and oak wood, and not mesquite or hickory for your holiday turkey.

Looking for a refresher on how to cook that holiday bird? Get ready for your holiday meal now with this special Turkey Cheat Sheet from our friends at Big Green Egg. Read more

We love this Fire Roasted Poblano and Jalapeno Chili veggie chili – you’ll enjoy the smokiness and char of the veggies for a great fall and winter dish! You can also add chicken or ground beef if you’d like! Read more

The weather is cooling down. Football is on TV. Tailgating season is in full swing. What else could you want? This Big Green Egg Beer Cheese Dip is our favorite cheese dip – try it this weekend!

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These Smoked Beef Ribs are perfect for your weekend get-together. Try them today and add a little Smoked Potato Salad for a side, and you’ve got a perfect meal! Read more

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We really don’t have words to describe how delicious this recipe for Spicy Pickle Pig Shots is. Suffice it to say… you’ll just have to try it! Read more

Pork Butt is one of David’s favorite meals. It’s not labor intensive, so he can enjoy his friends and family. What’s more, he loves cooking a pork butt because you can shred it, eat it plain, or use it in leftovers in pulled pork tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, chili, and barbecue! Hooray for leftovers! Read more