Peace and Quiet Can Mean A Lot

Peace and Quiet Can Mean A Lot

Looking for a new hot tub? Some of the most common questions people ask is how much it costs, what the energy bill will be, how are the jets, how many people can it hold, and is it comfortable. But, many people forget a very important question, “How quiet will it be?”

Peace and quiet can mean a lot when it comes to relaxing in your hot tub and having meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones.

In today’s ultra fast-paced world, many of us crave some quiet solitude and a wee bit of silence. You want your hot tub to provide a great place for you to disconnect, relax and enjoy some quiet.

Say No to Hot Tub Noise

We love Hot Spring Spas for many reasons, and one of them is how quietly they run. You many not know this, but many other hot tubs can’t match this silence.

While your hot tub will make noise when the jets are running, you want it to be quiet the rest of the time. For example, if you’re sitting outside enjoying your dinner, you don’t want to hear it running through heating or cleaning cycles. Hot Spring Spas provide you a quiet operating system when it’s not in use.

The Best Engineered Tubs

Hot Spring engineers their hot tubs to clean and heat continuously 24 hours a day with a separate pump. You can count on this pump to be completely silent and use less energy than other hot tubs.

Be a Good Neighboor

Don’t upset your neighbors with a noisy hot tub.

When shopping for a hot tub, use your ears when you’re in the dealer’s showroom. Ask you salesperson to let you hear the hot tub when it’s full of water and the heating and filtering mode is on.

Hot Spring makes the only hot tubs engineered for quiet. Count on no noise when it is heating and filtering.

You can put your tub on a deck or next to a window, and you can count on quiet. This reduces stress so you can relax more. What’s more, you can be confident that your neighbor can’t hear it!

Interested in learning more about Hot Spring Spas? Come try a hot tub today and hear the quiet for yourself. Contact us for pricing or to request a test soak.