Tips for Easing Foot Pain

Tips for Easing Foot PainTips for Easing Foot Pain

Your feet take a lot of abuse. Whether from an active lifestyle, tight shoes, or being on them all day, they carry your full weight all day long. Plus, when you add exercise into the mix, your feet can take a beating.

For many people, this means aching feet all day long, every day.

Whether your feet hurt or not, they certainly deserve a massage. In this article, we look at tips for easing foot pain as well as how to massage them.

Tip #1: Roll Your Feet

Get a foam roller, a soup can, or a water bottle you stuck in the freezer. Roll your feet for a terrific massage.

Tip #2: Pick Up a Golf Ball

Now it’s time to get into your hot tub. Sit down and drop a golf bottom to the bottom of your hot tub.

Grab the ball with your toes, pick it up, hold it for 10 seconds and then drop it. Repeat three times on each foot.

Tip #3: Practice the Alphabet

You can do this exercise while relaxing in your hot tub or in your favorite chair.

Simply pick your foot up and write the alphabet. Try it in print style and for added benefit, try it in cursive.

foot massage

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a foot massage!

Tip #4: Add Some Massage

Again, either in your hot tub or sitting in a chair, use your thumbs to run the arch of your foot right below the ball. Do it for 30 seconds, and you’re feet will feel great.

Tip #5: Hydromassage and Warm Water Soak

Finally, one of the best perks for your feet is a soak in your hot tub.

The warm water is instantly relaxing as it helps to relax feet and soothe muscles.

You can also direct the jets toward your feet for an instant massage.

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