Unplugging is Easier These Days

Unplugging is Easier These Days

Spending time at home is a reality these days in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with work, school, and fun going on in the same place, many of us are finding more time to unplug.

Yes,  unplugging is easier these days. And, we look at all the benefits for you and your family…the bonus of being together!

Before the pandemic, many people were busy all the time. Busy with work, school, and after school activities – weekends were packed with tournaments,  recitals, and more.

Most often your life was go-go-go, and family time was hard to come by.

Not anymore. Today, we are all thrust together 24/7, and it can be one of the blessings or silver linings of the pandemic. We can all get to know our families better by spending more time together.

The Benefits of Family Time

Did you know that families who spend more time together are healthier, both mentally and physically?

Closer families have kids who often ear better grades and school. What’s more, children in close families are less likely to get involved in dangerous activities.

Everyone benefits from being together more. There’s more time to teach your children and model good behavior and good activities. For many of this , it starts with putting down our phones and tablets.  We are finding this easier to do these days because you can only see so much bad news and watch so many silly videos!

When unplugging is easier, the whole family thrives. Let’s look at some of our favorite ways to do it. Whether you do it in a hot tub, swimming pool, sitting on the sofa, or in your backyard, these are ideas everyone will enjoy.

Create Your Own Games

Have a favorite game show? Recreate it from home. For example, create your own “America’s Got Talent,” and have everyone participate.

Families who play games together have an easier time bonding, and it’s a great way to teach sportsmanship.

If creating your own game isn’t right for your group, bring out the board games and card games. You can even bring them outside while you’re in the hot tub for added fun!

Host Movie Night in Your Hot Tub

Usually go to the movies on Saturday nights? Consider watching a movie from your hot tub or pool.

Bring your television outside, or maybe you already have one. Set up some chairs around the hot tub so viewers can switch between hot tub and comfy chair.

Alternate who picks the movie, pop some popcorn and enjoy more family time.

Create a Hot Tub Race

If your family is more active and competitive, spend Friday nights at the races. Get some plastic ducks or floating boats and race them across the hot tub or swimming pool. You’ll be amazed at how fun this is.

Go Star Gazing

When everyone unplugs, there’s more time to look up…at the stars that is.

From the comfort of your hot tub or patio, look up. Get a stargazing book and teach your kids about the constellations.

Looking at the stars from the comfort of your own hot tub is a relaxing and soothing experience for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Unplugging is easier than ever before because quite frankly, it’s getting boring. Spice up your days and nights with some creative activities. You and your family will soon reap the benefits of spending more time together.

Who knows? When this is all over, we may all prefer a less hectic schedule.

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