9 Tips for Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter

The weather is cool. The days are short. There may even be a dusting of snow on the ground. What could be more perfect than spending time in your hot tub?

The long, cold days of winter are the best time to relax, enjoy peaceful time on your own and enjoyable days with your family. The hot tub is the perfect place to do them all.

Your hot tub can be an enjoyable part of your winter time months. In this article, we look at nine tips for using your hot tub in the winter.

#1: Buy a Good Cover

For hot water whenever you’re ready to soak, invest in a good cover so your spa is well-insulated. You want your cover to have a tight-fitting seal to keep the hot water hot and to save on energy costs.

A good cover means you’ll soak more even when it’s freezing outside.

#2: Check the Water Level

You want to make sure your components don’t freeze and damage your hot tub. So, check your water level frequently so it doesn’t fall too low.

#3: Know When to Change Your Water

Take a look at your year-long calendar. If your hot tub is due for a water change during the winter, you want to think about doing it earlier in the year.

If you change the water when the outside temperatures are really low, you risk water freezing and damaging your spa.

#4: Keep the Water Clean

During the winter months, it’s just as important to clean and maintain your water and your filters.

Stay on a schedule so you know when your filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

#5: Turn Jets Down

It’s fine to use the jets when you’re soaking but turn them off when your hot tub isn’t in use.

Why? The jets work by blowing air into the water, which can lower the temperature.

#6: Soak Smart

It can be tempting to spend an hour in your hot tub when it’s freezing outside.

Remember, though, that your body temperature climbs when you’re in your spa. Because of this, limit your soak time to about 20 minutes so you don’t shock your body too much moving from extreme heat to extreme cold.

#7: Drink Water

Anytime you soak, you want to stay hydrated. Cold or room-temperature water is fine, just keep drinking water for your health.

Stay away from alcohol in the hot tub because it can cause dehydration. Save it for after you leave the hot tub.

#8: Plan Ahead

So, you’re soaking, and it’s time to get out. But, you left your shoes, your towel and your robe at the back door.

Your best bet is to keep your robe, towel and shoes/slippers right by your hot tub so you can slip into them right as you exit. This helps keep you warm as you move from outside to in.

#9: Decorate Your Sanctuary

Your outdoor hot tub area is a relaxing retreat, so enhance it for extra comfort. Here are some ideas:

  • Heating lamps
  • Towel warmer
  • Waterproof rug
  • Hanging lights
  • Music

Final Thoughts

It’s a great idea to keep yoiur hot tub running all winter long because the benefits are terrific.

By using your hot tub in the winter, you get to enjoy the outdoors in a warm, massaging cocoon. You also reap the benefits of hydrotherapy all year long. Consider soaking before and after you exercise. Before helps you warm up, and after helps you each aching muscles.

Plus, your hot tub is a great gathering place for family and friends. Throw a winter party and invite your guests to use your hot tub.

Any way you look at it, winter hot tubbing is a great idea. If you have any questions about using your hot tub in the winter, please feel free to contact us. We are here for you!