Mid-Summer Pool Treatment

Mid-Summer Pool Treatment

Once July rolls around, you’ve probably been enjoying your pool for at least a month, and this brings us about half-way through summer swimming season.

It also makes it time for some special care when it comes to your mid-summer pool treatment.

You Took Care of Spring

When you opened your pool, you might have had us open your pool, or perhaps you got started on the Tru-Blue Promise. Or, you might have purchased an opening kit that included items like an algaecide, non-chlorine oxidizer and shock tablets.

You also checked your pH and alkalinity levels and made sure your pool was sparkling clear for the first swim.

So, know that weeks have passed, it’s hot, and it’s the middle of summer, now what?

Mid-Summer Care

Once the weather is hot and stays hot, your pool water is also consistently warm. This puts more pressure on your chlorine to keep your water sanitized, and it stresses your pool water to keep clear and clean.

Here are a few suggestions from the Townley Pool and Spa service department:

  • Recheck your pH and alkalinity levels.
  • Bring us a water sample. We’ll test it for free and let you know what you might need to add to your pool.
  • Continue to use chemicals as specified.
  • Consider giving your pool a dose of algaecide and oxidizer to recharge your water clarity and give your chlorine an added boost.
  • In a regular pool, it’s time to replace your chlorine tabs.
  • In a salt pool, we encourage you to turn up your system. You can of course trust your system to work, but you want to verify it’s actually doing so by turning up your system.
  • As always, give us a call with any questions or contact our service staff for expert assistance.

Final Thoughts

Summer is flying by, and the Fourth of July signifies a good time to treat your pool mid-summer so you can continue enjoying it for several more months!

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