Fall Tips for Your Pool: Leaf Removal

Fall Tips for Your Pool: Leaf Removal

It’s fall, and that means the leaves are falling. That means you want to get them out of the pool in the proper way.

In this video, our president, David Townley, tells just how to do leaf removal right.

Fall Tips for Your Pool Leaf Removal

A few important tips to remember when taking care of leaves in the pool:

  • Do NOT use your pool vacuum to get the leaves out.
  • Use a leaf net, leaf rake, or leaf eater to rid your swimming pool of these pesky problems.

Don’t Leave Your Leaves in the Pool

If you are covering your swimming pool for the winter, you do not want to leave the leaves in the pool. Why?

If you leave them in the pool, bacteria starts to break down, and you end up with algae. This algae will stain your pool floor and walls over the winter. In addition, as the leaves decay, and the algae grows and builds up, you get more bacteria in your pool. This bacteria can be harmful to your health.

Plus, when you open the pool in the spring, you’ll have a costly, unsightly, hard to take care of mess on your hands.

Leaves in the Pool are Messy

The other thing you want to think about is how messy your pool will look if you leave the leaves in it. We have plenty of time left this fall to enjoy the pool, either in it or the ambiance of it. Don’t be that neighbor with the icky pool!

Final Thoughts

Our service team is here to help! If you need any pool service, we are your guys! Contact us today and let us help!