It Takes More Than a Super Hero

It Takes More Than a Super Hero

It takes more than a super hero to keep your pool in tip top shape come late summer, especially with Labor Day looming on the horizon. Yet, this is the time to step up your pool maintenance.

While August and September are busy months, and you aren’t using your pool quite as much, there are still plenty of weeks of swimming enjoyment left, especially if you have a pool heater.

As we near Labor Day, you might be looking at high bather loads. But, has your busy August left your pool looking less than perfect? Let’s look at some later summer pool maintenance tips.

#1: Run Your Filter

You want to run your filter longer right now. The intense sunshine, warm water and rain make running your filter upwards of 20+ hours per day necessary, especially if your water isn’t looking good.

It’s a good idea to check your filter at least once per week this time of the year and clean out your leaf basket.

#2: Test Your Water

Just because it’s late August doesn’t mean it’s time to quit testing your water. In fact, you want to continue testing it until it’s time to close your pool.

Bring us a water sample, and our computerized system can tell you just what you need.

#3: Add Chlorine

To keep your chlorine from burning up faster, add some extra chlorine.

You also want to add pool shock, especially before your Labor Day party. This helps your pool fight bacteria, algae and cloudy water.

#4: Keep Your Pool Clean

Be sure and perform regular maintenance on your pool. Continue to brush and vacuum on a regular basis. Scrub your walls at least once per week.

Don’t get complacent, especially when it’s hot, and you’ve got guests on the horizon.

Watch for green or cloudy water, an oily water line and your water balance. You don’t want algae in your pool and scale on the wall.

#5: Skim the Pool

As the leaves begin to fall and the wind picks up, you want to do your best to keep debris out of your pool. Skim your pool every day to keep your pool clean.

You might also consider a robotic cleaner to keep the bottom of your pool clean.

Final Thoughts

Ongoing pool maintenance is a must this time of year. It will make enjoying your pool for the Labor Day weekend easier, and it will cut down on the work you have to do once it’s time to close your pool.

Need help with pool maintenance? Contact our service staff today – we’d love to help!