5 Keys to Pool Care

5 Keys to Pool Care

You want a carefree, trouble-free pool season, right? If so, you want to take a look at these five keys to pool care to help you stay on top of your maintenance for a great summer!

Each one of these keys is part of your overall pool care. Each one is a simple, preventative maintenance step. By planning routine maintenance and using quality water care products, you’ll enjoy crystal clear water!

#1: Circulation

Circulate your pool water to maximize the effectiveness of your sanitizer.

When your water is in motion, it’s harder for bacteria and algae to grow and make their presence permanent.

By circulating your water, you also help push out debris and capture it in your filter.

When is the best time to circulate your water? During the day for about 12 hours.

#2: Filtration

Did you know that your filter is one of your most important pieces of equipment?

When the water pressure in the filter reaches 8 to 10 psi above normal, you want to backwash it to clean it.

You should also use chemicals periodically to remove oil and debris backwashing doesn’t catch.

We can help you with a maintenance schedule.

Bring Us a Water Sample

#3: Cleaning

If your pool has areas where there is little to no circulation, you might encounter problems.

This is why you want to brush and vacuum your walls and floors at least once a week. This helps catch the debris your filter may miss.

#4: Testing

You want to make a habit of testing your pool water regularly (we do that!).

The most important factors to check are your pH and santizer levels.

If you have a normal to heavy bather load, test your water two-three times per week.

You also want to make sure you test your water at these important times:

  • Pool Opening
  • Pool Closing
  • Every four-six weeks during pool season

#5: Chemistry

You always want to apply the right products at the right time.

If you have your water tested at Townley Pool and Spa, we give you a detailed printout of the chemicals needed so you have properly balanced water.

When you attend to your pool chemistry, you’ll have sparkling water all summer.

Final Thoughts

Proper, ongoing pool maintenance can help you keep your pool in tip-top shape while enjoying it all season long. You’ll also go a long way towards avoiding costly problems in the future if you take care of your pool consistently.

If you are having pool issues, we can help! Contact our service department for expert help.