You know that having a swimming pool requires maintenance. But, did you know that also means maintaining your pool deck area? In this article, we are going to look at the area between your pool and your deck where you might have some pool caulking.

We look at how to replace or repair pool caulk and how to know which route to take.

Inspect the Pool Caulk

Pool caulking prevents extreme heat and freezing water from damaging your pool’s foundation. In other words, it helps when it gets too hot or too cold.

If you don’t use pool caulk, water can get in-between your pool and deck joints, freeze, expand, and cause pressure to crack your pool wall and deck.

In addition, you want to keep the joints clear and free from debris and water. Caulking does this, and when it fails, you can be in big trouble. Without caulk covering the expansion join, leaves, dirt, and sand fill the joint over time. This leaves little room for expansion of your deck and pool in warm weather.

During the winter, caulking prevents water from freezing in the joint, expanding there, and putting pressure on your pool wall or back of your coping stone. Freeze and thaw cycles without proper caulk again lead to big trouble.

Because it’s so important, you want to inspect it regularly. Even though caulk should last about three-five years, you do want to take a look at it at the beginning and end of your pool season.

Ideally, you’d look at it every year with the help of your pool maintenance company.

If you have minimal damage, you can most likely repair it yourself. It is a bit harder than caulking your bathtub, so it is always helpful to consult an expert first.

But, if the damage is more extensive, this is always better when done by a professional.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re repairing or replacing your pool caulk, it can be done without a lot of backbreaking work.

Doing it yourself? You need the right equipment and material and a steady hand when replacing it. Having someone else do it? Look for a reputable company experienced in replacing pool caulk.