It’s Tailgating Time: See Our BBQ Rubs and Sauces

It's Tailgating Time See Our BBQ Rubs and Sauces

Its time to fire up the Big Green EGG and cook some great foods with some great seasonings and sauces. Lanes BBQ, Fire Dancer BBQ, BGE Dill Pickle Sauce, and Butt Rub are a few of our favorites!

Rubs Are for When You Barbecue, Not Grill

A rub is a mix of seasonings to create a delicious spice mix that you put on your meat before you cook it.

Did you know that rubs are for BBQ and not for grilling? There is a difference between grilling and barbecuing.

When you grill, you’re cooking quickly at high temperatures. Think grilling when cooking burgers and steaks.

When you BBQ, it’s generally slow ‘n low. This is when you cook a beef brisket or even a pork shoulder.

So, rubs (wet or dry) are best when you BBQ and not when you grill.

Why? Rubs burn when they are cooked at too high a temperature. When you BBQ, it’s cooking slowly, so the rubs don’t burn.

Tailgating Time

It’s tailgating time. Watch David and see our favorite BBQ rubs and sauces!