The Perfect Pandemic Hot Tub Football Tailgate

It's Time to Drain and Clean Your Spa

The weather is cooling down, and you know what that means! Football season is here – check out this article for planning the perfect pandemic hot tub football tailgate!

All you need for the perfect party is friends, family, food, football, and your hot tub! Here’s how to plan the perfect tailgate right in your own backyard.

Set Up Your Television

This is a vital part of your hot tub tailgate. You have several choices:

  • Use your already installed outdoor TV
  • Bring a big screen outside
  • Purchase an outdoor TV so you can watch the game from your hot tub

Make sure you can hear the game well with some outdoor speakers.

Get Your Food Together

Don’t forget we’re in pandemic times. You can either serve your guests or set out individual sized servings of items to keep everyone safe.

A good tip is to keep the cooler or ice bucket close to your hot tub so your tailgaters can easily reach the drinks. They can step out of the hot tub for snack time or dinner time.

Do decorate your backyard in your favorite team’s colors. You can go a step further and coordinate your spa towels with your team’s colors, or even better, invest in some team towels.

Start the Grill

You can either begin your food ahead of time, or you can start grilling and finish up during halftime.

Your guests are looking forward to typical tailgating fare such as burgers, hot dogs, wings, appetizers, and more. Check out our blog for a huge selection of recipes.

Enjoy the Game

Many of your favorite college teams haven’t had a lot of time to practice yet, so don’t go into the game with super high expectations. Take this time to relax outdoors and in your spa with friends and family.

Cheer on your favorite team and know they’ll get better as the season goes on.

If you need help with a grill, charcoal, seasonings, grill accessories or hot tub water care, stop by or contact us today – we are here to help!