Fall Tips for Your Pool: Pool Skimmer Basket

Fall Tips for Your Pool Pool Skimmer Basket

It’s getting closer to fall, and that means things are FALLING from the sky. Leaves and other debris are hitting the pool pretty hard, so it’s time to make sure your “first line of defense” is in good working order. Check your skimmer/pump basket(s).

David is here again to talk to you about protecting your first line of defense in keeping leaves and debris out of the pool. Check out his fall tips for your pool when it comes to the pool skimmer basket.

What is the Pool Skimmer Basket?

The skimmer is built into the side of your pool, and it holds your skimmer basket. The skimmer basket helps keep leaves and debris from ever getting into your pool pump or your filter.

Usually, they are rectangular in shape. You may find several around your pool towards the top. You’ll find that the water usually covers about half of them.

Fall Time Tips for Your Pool and the Pool Skimmer Basket

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