When Buying Chemicals Does It Matter Where?

Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Pool & Spa Chemicals

Like most of us, you like to shop around to find the best value on the products you purchase. You might have also found that on occasion buying cheaper products often means inferior products.

This is very true when it comes to buying chemicals for your pool or hot tub.

We’re all smart consumers, and we have many choices when it comes to purchasing. But, does cheaper always mean better?

In this article, we answer the question, “Does it matter where you buy your pool chemicals?”

First, we want to tell you, “Yes, it matters where you buy your pool and spa chemicals!” And, now, here’s why:

Shopping with Non-Expert Staff

So, let’s say you’re at your local big box store, and you remember you’re out of shock. So, you walk down the aisle ready to grab a bottle. But, suddenly, you notice that there are several different brands to choose from. None of them look like what you used last year, so what do you do?

Your first instinct is to find someone to ask. You look around, and there’s no one in sight. You visit the counter and find out that Sam is the only one in the store who knows anything about swimming pools, and today is his day off.

The next thing you know, someone else is trying to help you, but he meets all of your questions with a blank stare. This person has no idea what type of shock you need or how much. He offers a manager who is also no help.

You decide to be brave and pick a product on your own. After all it’s “cheaper,” so what could be the harm.

Well, the harm could be to your expensive backyard pool or spa.

Shopping with Staff with Expertise

Now, let’s imagine you walk into a reputable swimming pool and hot tub store. You tell the person who greets you at the door what you’re looking for.

After asking you a few questions about pool size and type, this person walks right to the chemical aisle, grabs a bottle and says, “This is exactly what you need for your swimming pool and its size.”

You’ve found a person who is educated and trained and knows exactly how to help you.

This sales person goes on to ask you if you brought in a sample of your water for testing. He even tells you the water testing is free, and he’ll print out a sheet that tells you exactly how much of each chemical you need to add to your pool water. With free water testing, the guess work is completely gone, and you know what you need, and more importantly, what you don’t need.

So, maybe you saved $10 at the big box store. But, when you visit a specialty store that only deals in pools and spas, you’ve saved even more than that because you’ve gotten knowledgeable advice, high quality, superior chemicals, a printout of what your pool needs, and answers to all of your questions.

Pool Chemicals

Final Thoughts on Buying Chemicals

Does it matter where you shop when buying chemicals? Absolutely.

When you buy them from someone who specializes in pools and spas, like Townley Pool and Spa, you not only get quality chemicals, but you also get expert advice.

In addition, you get the best chemicals for your pool and spa. You get pure chemicals that give you the best results. That means, cleaner, clearer water every single time.

Finally, you know that your own body performs better when you feed it well, make healthy choices, and exercise. The same is true of your pool or hot tub. When you feed it quality chemicals, get expert advice, and follow the water test instructions, your pool and spa are sparkling clear every single day.

At Townley Pool and Spa, we are always here to help you with your water care. We’re only a store visit, a phone call, a text, or a contact form away!