Did You Know? Coffee is Actually Good for You

Did You Know Coffee is Actually Good for You

Is coffee good for you?

We love cooking with coffee and espresso rubs. So, that left us wondering… how is coffee on the digestive tract?

And, did you know? It turns out coffee is actually good for you. Really! Let’s learn how.

For many Americans, coffee is what gets us out of bed. It’s what helps us get through our long days, gives us a pick-me-up in the afternoon, and provides a relaxing respite with friends at the end of the day. Whether it’s straight up black or infused almost to milkshake level, coffee makes many people simply feel better. But, what does it do for your digestive system?

Coffee May Aid Constipation

Some experts say that drinking coffee may lead to a reduced risk of chronic constipation in some people. It may just get your digestive juices flowing.

How? Coffee may cause a muscle contraction in your digestive tract which promotes bowel movements.

The report also concludes that coffee drinking may be linked to a reduced risk of chronic constipation. Because coffee stimulates the muscles in your colon, coffee can help improve your digestion and ultimately excretions.

Do consult your doctor, though, as coffee is not a treatment for constipation.

Coffee May Help You Absorb Nutrients

In addition, as coffee stimulates your digestion, it may also help your body absorb the nutrients from what you’re eating. As your body works to digest your food, the coffee you just drank can help break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to get to the nutritional components.

Coffee May Improve Gallbladder Health

For many of us, our gallbladders are healthy and will be for our whole lives. But for others the gallbladder can cause massive pain before it needs to surgically come out.

Yet, if you are a coffee drinker, you may never have gallbladder issues. Some studies suggest people who drink at least two cups of coffee a day don’t have as many problems with their gallbladders or gallstones as people who don’t drink coffee.

Coffee Can Reduce Inflammation

While some people who have reflux may find that coffee bothers their stomachs, others find coffee soothing on their tummies.

Coffee contains phenolic compounds. These actually change the composition of your gut flora and often have positive effects on your intestines. This in turn encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that reduces inflammation in your stomach.

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Cooking with Coffee

If you want to experience a robust, earthy flavor that is out of this world, try cooking with coffee and espresso. We use it in many of our meat marinades and as a simple rub.

It provides a smoky flavor that is perfect on beef, and it’s another great way to get a little more coffee into your diet!

Final Thoughts

Everything must be taken with moderation. So, as far as the benefits of coffee ago, they really are personal in nature. For some people coffee is a magic elixir, and for others, not so much. But, we think coffee is good for you!

There are certainly some benefits of coffee drinking on the digestive system of many people. It’s also been said to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health, reducing strokes, heart failure, and heart attacks.

Do be a smart coffee drinker and also switch to decaf at night if you have sleeping problems. As for us, we’ll keep drinking coffee and flavoring our food with it!

Note: always consult with a doctor for questions about drinking coffee and your health.