Here’s Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen

Here's Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen

If you like to cook, you know that becomes increasingly difficult over the summer months because just using the stove, let alone, the oven, strains your air conditioner and heats up your house.

In addition, if you like to entertain, you might find your guests pushing the limits of your inside space. The answer for both is the outdoor kitchen.

In this article, we look at why you need an outdoor kitchen and how it can benefit your lifestyle.

#1: The Outdoor Kitchen is Great for Entertaining

Many of us like to spend time outside, and even more we like to spend time with family and friends. Yet, if the cook is in the kitchen or running back and forth between kitchen and grill, it can take all the fun out of the party.

With an outdoor kitchen, the chef and homeowner can stay outside with their guests, enjoying the time together.

Cooking outside is the best way to entertain because everyone gets to stay together because you can do meal prep, cooking, and cleaning all outside where your guests are.

With the Big Green Egg Modular Nest System, you can start small and keep adding components to your full-fledged kitchen.

#2: It Extends Your Living Space

If you have a small space inside for entertaining, the outdoor kitchen makes it bigger.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Perhaps it’s a deck, portico, or covered patio. You can bring your appliances outside with your grill and set up your own backyard kitchen.

You might just find more people help with meal prep and clean up when you are all together in one place.

#3: It Saves Your Utility Bills

It’s much too hot in the summer in Arkansas to use the oven. So, when you take it outside, you save on electric bills because you aren’t putting too much strain on your air conditioner.

This is a win-win for everyone in your home.

#4: It Saves Money

Instead of taking everyone out to dinner for special occasions, bring the occasion home.

When you have your own backyard oasis, you are more likely to eat at home and save money. What’s more, you’ll find the food is infinitely better and healthier.

#5: You Keep the Smell Outside

Onions, garlic, cooking fish, or frying food can linger in your home for days.

When you cook outside, you leave the smells outside. You can cook and leave your home, knowing you aren’t taking the smell of the meal with you.

Here's Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen

How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Now that we’ve convinced you that you need an outdoor kitchen, let’s look at a few of the things you might need. You can start with a few items and gradually add to them, or you can go big and bring in a sink and plumbing.

    • A grill (or two) – many of our customers have two kinds of grills, both the Big Green Egg and the Green Mountain Grill. They may also have two sizes of EGG.
    • Surface to prep your food
    • Refrigerator
    • Pizza Oven  – check out the Green Mountain Grill pizza attachment – you can create an oven right in your grill. The EGG also makes great pizza.
    • Bar area
    • Utensils and an area to keep them
    • Sink area if you are willing to put in plumbing – keep this near where you’re preparing the meal just as you would indoors
    • Special lighting – consider twinkling lights as well for added ambiance
    • Ceiling fans and portable outside air conditioners
    • Table and chairs
    • Comfy chairs and even a sofa
    • Televisions and/or music systems
    • A firepit
    • Portable heaters for cool fall evenings
    • Candles

It’s a good idea to sketch out your space first so you know what you have room for and what you can afford now and later. Think of it like a mini version of your indoor kitchen and plan for everything you’ll need outside.

Final Thoughts on Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen

We think everyone should have some form of outdoor kitchen. Whether small or large, completely equipped or just one grill, if you enjoy outdoor cooking and entertaining, you’ll love an outdoor kitchen.

It’s one of our favorite ways to spend time during the spring, summer, and fall, extending our season and spending time with family and friends. If you’re interested in learning how we can help, contact us today!