You can bake anything you put in your oven in your grill, and this recipe is proof. Try Pellet-Baked Blackberry Crisp this holiday season or any time! Read more

If you like to cook, you know that becomes increasingly difficult over the summer months because just using the stove, let alone, the oven, strains your air conditioner and heats up your house.

In addition, if you like to entertain, you might find your guests pushing the limits of your inside space. The answer for both is the outdoor kitchen.

In this article, we look at why you need an outdoor kitchen and how it can benefit your lifestyle. Read more

We just love Steve’s Own Pellet Smoked Pulled Pork cooked on the Green Mountain Grill.  This is  a favorite dish of BBQ aficionados, including us! It takes about 10-15 hours to cook and another 15 minutes or so to pull the pork. So, when you make this dish, you want to make a lot. Think party time! You can also freeze the meet to use in the future.

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Grilled corn on the cob is a tasty summertime treat that we look forward to all year long. This recipe is the best with fresh corn from the farmer’s market or your favorite roadside stand.

Add fire, corn, local herbs, butter, and your favorite toppings to make it yours! Read more

For this incredible Mean Mozzarella Bowl, you don’t have to use a specific amount of any one ingredient. Decide how much you’ll need for your group and judge from there. Plus, throw in any veggie you like to make it your signature dish.

We do recommend making more than you’ll need so you’ll (hopefully) have leftovers!

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Switch up your burger routine with these flavorful burgers that feature lime juice and Tex-Mex seasonings. Manchego cheese and sour cream top everything off on the delicious Tex Mex Burger.

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Did you buy a Green Mountain Grill, or are you thinking about purchasing one? If so, we’ve got you covered.

Everything you need to know to get started is in this Green Mountain Grill Owner’s Manual.

Watch it, and you’re well on your journey to being a wood-fire cooking, pellet-burning pro. In this video we show you how to properly set up your new grill, the procedure to fire it up for your first use, and provide some maintenance tips to keep your smoke rolling smooth for years to come.

We love this pizza anytime, but it’s also great for St. Patrick’s Day.

Shake things up a bit and try something other than corned beef! You’ll love green veggies mixed with mozzarella and lined with pesto. It makes the perfect combo for your gathering. Read more

Are you super busy with work commitments, family life and other activities? Do you love to grill, but you can’t figure out how to do it during the week?

Let’s look at how to have a productive day and dinner ready when you get home. Meet the Green Mountain Grill collection.

WiFi Grilling – Just for You

We introduce you to Server Mode from Green Mountain Pellet Grills.

Monitor and control your WiFi edition Green Mountain Pellet Grill from a cellular network.

  • Run errands
  • Go to the gym
  • Walk the dog
  • Pick up the kids from school
  • All while staying connected to your pellet grill.

Grill smarter, eat better with Green Mountain Pellet Grills.

Ready to see them in person? Stop by or contact us below for your quote!

When you’re looking for a great tasting, every day, easy meal! Your whole family will love Every Day Dinner Chicken Thighs! Cook this great meal on your Green Mountain Grill.

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