Managing the Flame

Do you know about the two methods of cooking on your grill? Basically, it’s all about managing the flame. You can become the top master of your grill when you have control of the flame!

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You’ll find several methods of cooking with charcoal on your Big Green Egg.  Not only do you get a delicious smoky flavor depending on the charcoal you choose, but you also have greater flexibility cooking on your Kamado grill.

The two types of grilling we’re looking at here are direct cooking and indirect cooking.

What is Direct Cooking?

We recommend using this method when you’re searing and cooking your food at medium to high heat. Direct cooking is for when you’re cooking for a shorter amount of time.

When using direct cooking, you’re grilling steaks, burgers, veggies, chicken, pork, and fish. You cook your food directly over the charcoal for a great bit of char and that delicious charcoal flavor.

What is Indirect Cooking?

We recommend indirect cooking when you want to cook your food a little bit away from the heat source and charcoal. When using your Big Green Egg, you might use your plate setter (convEGGtor) or even the EGGspander (you can use this for direct and indirect cooking).

You might use indirect cooking for a reverse sear or even when you’re smoking a pork butt, ribs, or even brisket.

Have More Questions?

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