How to Keep Your Pool Cool

How to Keep Your Pool Cool

We all love swimming in our pools during the summer to cool off from the heat, but what do you do when your swimming pool water is hot?

In this article, we take a look at how to keep your pool cool so it’s still the refreshing oasis on an otherwise hot and humid day.

The Too Hot Pool

As the temperature outside heats up, your pool temperature rises, too. For most people, when the water temperatures climb into the high  80s and above, it’s just too warm for a refreshing swim.

What’s more, as the heat rises, and your water gets hot, you’ll find yourself with less chlorine in the pool. This is when algae can take hold.

So, what can  you do to bring back the cool, refreshing water that makes for a great summertime swim?

Move the Water with a Fountain

Our favorite way to cool our pools is with a decorative fountain or even a waterfall. You’ll find a fountain is not only functional, but it provides beauty and ambiance to your pool.

In fact, a swimming pool fountain can aesthetically turn your pool in to a prime vacation spot!

Dallas shows you the easiest way to cool off your “hot pool summer” water:

When trying to cool your water, though, leave your fountain turned off during the hottest part of the day. If you don’t, you’ll find your water gets even hotter.

Then, run the fountain during the early morning hours, evening hours, and overnight. This helps circulate the cooler air through your water. Why? First, the fountain keeps the water moving.

Second, as the water sprays over the surface of the water, it cools the water by evaporation. Some pool owners find a fountain can reduce their water temperatures by five – 10 degrees. This of course depends on the humidity in the air and the volume of water your fountain is moving.

Added Fountain Benefits

There are a few other benefits of the pool fountain you’ll enjoy:

  • The fountain is a sound barrier. You can listen to the lovely noise of the waterfall instead of traffic noisy neighbors, or work being done in your neighborhood.
  • The sound of falling water provides an avenue for stress relief. Running water simply makes you feel more relaxed. It also adds an extra “vacation feel” to your backyard retreat.
  • It keeps your water moving so you have additional circulation in your pool. Generally this means you also have less algae.

Run Your Filter at Night

Although not as effective as the fountain, running your filter at night can also help the water evaporate. this in turn cools your water a bit for your early morning swim.

Shade Your Pool

You can also add some shade to your pool to help keep the water temperature lower. Consider adding some new shade tress this fall. But, be careful what you choose so you aren’t constantly cleaning leaves out of the pool.

An awning is also another idea.

Warm, refreshing water is key in the hot summer months.

Do a Partial Drain and Refill

Although costly and not a permanent solution, if you’re desperate you can do a partial drain and refill of your pool water.

You’ll find this works better if your water source is well water as it’s usually cooler.

Don’t forget to bring us a sample of your water if you choose this method so we can make sure your chemicals are balanced.

Cover Your Pool

Another option is to cover your pool when you aren’t using it. While this doesn’t cool your water, it will keep it from getting hotter.

So, once your water is at the perfect temperature, you can cover your pool to keep it that way.

Final Thoughts

Overall our favorite way to cool your pool is with a water fountain. You’ll find it not only works efficiently, but it adds a bit of flair and fun to your pool.

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