Tips and Tricks to Keep Ducks and Geese Out of Your Pool

It’s spring, and you know what that means. The water fowl are back! Here are tips and tricks to keep the ducks and geese out of your pool.

Use an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Ducks and geese are wary creatures and as such, they are easily frightened.

Use an automatic pool cleaner, and it’s sure to scare them away from the pool.

Use a Solar Cover

Solar covers are nice when the weather is still cool as they help keep your pool warm. But, they have an added benefit.

They keep ducks and geese from relieving themselves in your pool and enjoying a nice daily swim.

Keep your cover on when you aren’t home to keep the poop out of your pool.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Ducks and Geese Out of Your Pool

Don’t Pick Up the Toys

This may go against your pool rules, but especially during the spring when ducks and geese are hunting around for places to swim, leave your pool toys in the pool.

Not just any toy will do, though. You want to leave the really big ones in your pool when it’s not in use. You just might confuse the ducks and geese into thinking the toys are predators.

Let Your Dog Bark

Make sure your family pet has a nice view of the pool. You can bet he’ll start barking (from inside) when he sees the ducks and geese. Hopefully this scares them away!

Final Thoughts

Good luck keeping the ducks and geese out of your pool this spring, summer and fall! If you have a tip you’ve used that works, let us know – we’d love to hear it!
Photo credit: jnyemb via / CC BY