Keeping Your Pool Algae Free This Winter

Keeping Your Pool Algae Free This Winter

With our unseasonable warm temperatures this winter, you want to think about pool care if your pool isn’t winterized. We provide some tips for keeping your pool algae free this winter.

Algae in the Winter?

Yes! It can happen.

You know you have to worry about algae in the summer, but did you know it can rear its ugly head in the winter, too? This is especially true with an unseasonably warm winter like we’ve had. When temperatures hit the upper 60s and rise into the 70s, it’s time to get out some spring pool care tactics.

While algae do bloom much more slowly in the winter, it can be a problem. Let’s look at some steps to alleviate the nuisance of algae.

Winter Algae Prevention Tips

Don’t let algae be a winter nightmare. Here’s how to keep this invader at bay.

  • Keep up on your prevention. Make sure that you keep your pool clean. Balance your pool chemicals, shock it if necessary, and use an algaecide to prevent algae.
  • Run your filter. You want to run your filter at least some of the time, so your water doesn’t stagnate. Consider a couple of one-hour cycles each day. You can set it to run during the nighttime.
  • Balance your pool chemicals. Pay attention to your chlorine levels to avoid an algae bloom. Balance your pool every few weeks in the winter.
  • Shock your pool. You can shock your pool intermittently during the winter. If your water is between 50-68 degrees, do this about every three weeks. Once it hits 69 degrees, shock your pool every one-two weeks. Don’t forget to run the filter to help disperse the chemicals.
  • Cover your pool. This keeps out leaves, dirt, and bacteria from decomposing in your swimming pool. You definitely don’t want this because decomposing debris feeds algae.
  • Make sure your pool cover stays clean. Keep leaves and dirt off your pool cover. Not only does this help take care of your cover, but it can help prevent algae growth.

Finally, just be aware. Watch the weather and watch your pool. Keep up on your pool maintenance and as always, give us a call if you have a question or a problem!

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