Meet the AquaPill WinterPill

Meet the AquaPill WinterPill

We are excited to introduce you to the AquaPill WinterPill! Not only are we adding it to all the pools we close, but we encourage you to do the same! Let’s look at why we love this new pool winterizing product.

You Have Easy and Effective Pool Closings

You’ll find with the WinterPill®’s all-in-one formula, you can winterize your pool faster and easier than ever!

WinterPill®​ clarifies your pool water and helps reduce scaling and staining. Enhanced with enzymes, it controls non-living organics to control waterline ring and enhance filter performance.

We love WinterPill®’s patented pre-measured release delivery system that effectively helps maintain clear water during the off season. You can use this concentrated formula with all sanitizers, and it is compatible with all pool surfaces. It won’t affect your pool chemistry.


Here are some more features:

  • One large WinterPill treats up to 30,000 gallons
  • Floats under your winter cover all season
  • Performs well with mesh safety covers
  • Patented six-month delivery system
  • Safe for all surfaces and filters
  • Highly concentrated closing product that works through the winter
  • Reduces off season scum lines
  • Helps keep water clear
  • Provides faster turn around time at opening

WinterPill Instructions

  1. Insert blue piercing tool into large center hole.
  2. Press firmly against hard surface until plastic is punched through.
  3. Remove blue piercing tool.
  4. Place pill in the pool. WinterPill will float and dispense formula throughout the winter season.

If you have any questions, let us know! This product is perfect for all your winter pool winterizing needs!